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What Do Employees Value the Most? 19 Studies Told Us This

What do Employees Value the Most? We compiled a short list of 10 popular benefits that are valued most by employees and job seekers. We want to compare what employees really want to what their employers think they want.

4 Ways You’re Squandering Your Own Talent

Finding an employee with the hard and soft skills you need can be akin to finding a needle in a haystack, but how can you keep that employee once you have them?

What Not to Do on a Business Trip

Business trips produce different emotions for many people, whether it’s excitement to be traveling or dread for the same reason. Don’t be caught looking unprofessional in front of your boss and coworkers; use these 4 tips to make sure you represent your company well on your next business trip.

The Future of Corporate Learning

We asked learning professionals what roles they think are going to disappear in the next 5 years.

Implementing Prework into Your Leadership Training

Prework could end up being the difference in helping your leadership training become more effective. Read Linda Berke’s tips on how to create prework today!

Mimeo Spotlight: Sharon Franke, President of Les Dames d’Escoffier NY

Mimeo sat down with Sharon Franke, President of the Les Dames d’Escoffier New York chapter, to discuss the importance of women in the restaurant industry. Read the full interview here!

How to Accommodate Remote Participants at Your Events During Travel Freezes (using Mimeo)

As the coronavirus outbreak spreads, companies are announcing travel freezes. Read how to accommodate remote participants at events during these freezes.

How to Grow Your Training Business

If you’re the founder of a training business, then you’ll need to know these tips on how to expand once you’ve gained enough loyal clients.

5 Best Formats for Direct Mail

  When marketing your business, you need the best direct mail. Whether or not you currently use direct mail as part of your marketing strategy,

Pairing Direct Mail Marketing with Social Media

Direct mail marketing is a proven, effective tool that can be used as the perfect complement to social media. Read our blog post to see how!

The Prework Guide for Trainers is Here

Trainers need prework to ensure the success of your learners. Read this blog post to see how our guide can help you improve their learning experience.

3 Secrets to Creating Effective Job Aids

  If you’re a trainer, you want to make sure your learners have access to the right content at the right time. This is why

How to Promote Your Brand on a Budget

Are you on a tight budget, but aren’t sure how to promote your brand? Read our blog post to check out some cost-effective ways to gain brand recognition.

Why a Marketing Calendar Helps Your Business

Businesses that are launching new products should consider using marketing calendars.

How a Managed Print Solution Can Help Your Business

More companies are outsourcing their technical responsibilities by utilizing managed print solutions.

Benefits of Printing Brochures

Brochures serve a variety of purposes, from print marketing materials to sales assets. Learn how brochures are used to break through the digital noise.

How Creating Effective Booklets Can Grow Your Business

Effective booklets are the ultimate distraction-free informational tool for any business. In addition, booklets can be an untapped resource for any business.

Tips for Growing Your Association Membership

Growing your association membership is key to ensuring the future of your association. Check out this blog post for tips on how to attract professionals to join yours.

Make the Most of Your Local Events

Connecting with customers can be a fruitful but stressful to-do for a lot of brands in the world, especially if you’re trying to market at local events. Check out these cost effective methods that will help your brand standout.

5 Windows Shortcuts for Designing Your PowerPoint

PowerPoint is more than a presentation program, it’s a design tool. Check out these 5 shortcuts that will make designing your training materials easy!

Expanding Your Business? Use These 4 Invaluable Tactics

Business owners have to take a slew of things into consideration before taking the plunge. We know just how important it is to cover all your bases before making your expansion dreams a reality.

6 Simple Ways to Improve Business Cash Flow

Maintaining a good cash flow is important to a business for several reasons. Here are 6 ways to improve cash flow for your business.

Direct Marketing for the Small Business

Direct marketing needs to have an intention. See how you can develop one for your next direct mail campaign!

Why traditional printing may be your best marketing strategy

Bright, colorful and engaging ads with a retro or vintage feel are making a comeback.

Q&A with Argo Translation

Unsure of how to get a quality translation of your content for global use? Argo Translation helps customers with an extensive process that ensures accurate content and professional translation. Read their full Q&A with Mimeo now to learn more!

4 Steps to Creating an Effective Training Program for your Franchise

Proper training programs for franchisees ensure success in day-to-day operations and offer a consistent experience for customers across franchise locations. Check out these 4 steps from Mimeo that show you how to create your own!

5 Tips for Translating Your Content

Content can sometimes get lost in translation. When converting a project into a new language, you must consider more factors than simply just the text. Learn how Argo Translation can help you with these factors in their recent webinar with Mimeo.

5 Great Print Ideas for Small Business Saturday

If you run a small business, Small Business Saturday is your biggest opportunity to boost sales and retain customers for the holiday shopping season. Learn how you can take advantage of these print ideas to make your Small Business Saturday a success!

5 Common Pricing Mistakes Consultants Make

Are you a consultant that struggles with pricing your services? Listen as Prestera FX President Gus Prestera provides his insights on where you could be going wrong.

Learn how Mimeo helps with IFUs for EU MDR

Want to find the best way to comply with EU MDR? See how using Mimeo can help you satisfy these new regulations and prepare for 2020.

5 Tips for Growing a Small Business

Need some advice on how to grow your small business? Lend an ear to Mimeo CEO John Delbridge as he reveals 5 tips on how you can take your business to new heights.

6 Tips to Optimize the Proposal Process for Winning RFPs

Need help managing your content for RFPs? Get started by learning 6 key virtues that can improve your proposal creation process.

6 Proven Tactics to Stickier Training Materials

Get these 6 brain hacks for more effective training handouts.

How APIs can help you manage your training materials

Every trainer needs help sometimes, especially when it comes to providing materials for class participants. Find out how APIs are now assisting trainers with this content distribution and how it can benefit you today.

L&D Professionals are Predicting the Future

The success of newfound technologies is determining the future of L&D. Find out how these enhancements are changing the industry forever, with information straight from Mimeo’s 2019 State of L&D Report.

3 Surprising Finds from State of L&D

Are you an L&D professional? If so, you’ll be interested in reading about these 3 surprising finds from Mimeo’s 2019 State of L&D Report.

6 Confessions of a Corporate Trainer

Corporate trainers are under a lot of stress, and no one knows that more than Jonathan Halls. See what tips the author of Confessions of a Corporate Trainer has to offer in his visit to Mimeo.

5 Benefits to Creating a Certification Program

Are you part of an association that is trying to find a way to bring in members? A new certification program might be just what you need.

Printing Hopeland: The Non-Profit Organization’s Partnership with Mimeo

Find out how the non-profit organization Hopeland has an unlikely connection with Mimeo.

5 Things To Know When Joining a New Training Team

Read this blog post for tips from a trainer on how to properly join a new training team.

Why Collaborating Helps You Win More RFPs

At a recent proposal conference, speakers shared how important it is to collaborate. Here are their tips.

Celebrating Mimeo’s Customer Service Specialists

Whether you’re printing a simple spiral notebook or a complex kit of binders, SWAG, and event materials, your order is a sum of all the

Complacency is Villainy – Interview with PresteraFX

Find out the questions you should ask a prospective training vendor in this interview with PresteraFX.

When to Bring in an E-Learning Provider (and More!) from Diane Elkins

In this interview, Diane Elkins (Artisan E-Learning, E-Learning Uncovered) shares how her team helps corporate learners achieve more, and when you should bring in an e-learning provider.

Mimeo Spotlight: Rita Pulliam, Principal Proposal Consultant at Further

Check out this interview with Rita Pulliam at Further to find out how her proposal team wins more deals.

Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes On Your RFP Response

From one proposal team to another, here are the mistakes to avoid on your rfp response.

Here Are the Answers to Your Questions about Virtual Instructor-Led Leadership Training

Linda Berke answers the audience’s questions on converting your classroom leadership training to virtual, instructor-led sessions.

5 Tips for PowerPoint for Trainers (and a New Course!)

PowerPoint can be incredibly powerful when wielded correctly. Check out our top 5 tips from trainers, by trainers, (plus an all-new course)!

Interview with Linda Pauer, Learning Coordinator at Metso Minerals

We sat down with Linda Pauer to find out how she got started in training, how she achieves her goals, and what advice she has for up-and-coming trainers.

Our Top 5 Blog Posts for Trainers, Marketers, Proposal Professionals, and Everybody

We’re joining the bandwagon in sharing which of our hundreds of blog posts were most popular in 2018. Check out our top 5 for marketers, trainers, and more!

Customer-Centric Experience

From the initial buying stages to completing a sale, check out how Mimeo applies a customer-centric selling approach!

Why We Love Our Customers

We sorted through thousands of customer feedback and pulled out our favorites!

15 Years in Services: An Interview with Mimeo’s Ben Ziwa

We sat down with Mimeo’s VP of Customer Service, Ben Ziwa. Ben and his team at Mimeo make sure our customers’ content gets where it needs to be!

Excel: Basic Skills You Should Have

You’ve endorsed people for it, been tested on it– It’s Excel! A program that’s used for more than just classic intern-level data entry.

Smart Dining: 4 Restaurant Technology Trends

Consumers are dining more and dining smarter. This article focuses on 4 different types of restaurant technology and its effects on operations and consumers.

You’re the Reason Why: New HQ Expansion & Growth

Our HQ has expanded in Memphis, and you’re the reason why! Enjoy faster and better service, an increased customer service team, and more.

5 Ways You’re Failing Your Webinar Audience

Learn what 5 things you shouldn’t be doing when presenting a webinar!

How Print Fits Into Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) challenges marketers to grab the attention of a few key accounts, and utilizing print marketing is a great way to do that.

How to Engage Your Learning Community Members

Build informal learning into your company’s culture with an engaged learning community.

How to Enforce Brand Standards Across a Global Marketing Team

Brand standards are essential to global companies, yet marketing teams can have trouble enforcing them. Use these 5 steps to improve your global marketing!

5 Collaboration Tools for Graphic Design and Marketing Teams

Graphic design and marketing are two faces of the same coin. Both teams need to have great communication and a collaboration tool is often necessary!

What Do MIA, Niall Horan, and Frank Sinatra All Have in Common?

Do we really have a playlist specifically for paper?  Well yes, we curated a playlist that matches all of your paper song needs.   From the beginning chords of the Office Theme Song to the melodious tune, “It’s Only a Paper Moon”, we brought together all of the paper themed songs that you know, love and probably listen to all the time.  

Pharma Training: Blend Your Content, Not Your Medications

How can time-strapped pharmacists help their patients from a variety of age groups? See how blended content can both save you time and increase your outreach!

5 Ideas for Your Next Exhibit Booth Design

A lot more goes into exhibit booth design than just games and booth placement. Showcase your creativity with these 5 ideas!

Why We Host Webinars

Since 2016, Mimeo has hosted dozens of webinars. Here’s the answer to why we run this free program.

Checklist for Planning a Successful Trade Show Exhibit

A trade show exhibit is an investment, so make sure you plan appropriately with this free, comprehensive planning checklist.

Tireless Learning Cultures Boost Business Success—How to Create Yours

Do you sometimes wish your employees were replaced by robots? Perhaps you think that’s how you will have fewer frustrations and get them to do your bidding. Newsflash: That’s not what you want.

How Music Can Affect Your Brain, Work, & Learning

Sometimes a coffee break just doesn’t cut it. Music has been used as a form of therapy for decades, probably centuries before we actually started doing research for it. We really don’t need research to tell us that music can relax us or change our mood, because we feel it!

3 Tips for International Exhibiting

Exhibiting your organization can be stressful, especially if the exhibit is thousands of miles away. Alleviate your stress with these three helpful tips!

Top 8 Recruiting App for Talent Strategy

Mobile recruitment tools make the process of locating, interviewing, and hiring candidates easier. Consider using these recruiting apps in your strategy.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Human Resources

New strategic digital marketing opportunities for human resources help in training, recruitment and talent engagement. Learn how in this article.

Why You Don’t Need LMS for Customer Training

LMS was not designed for customer training. So why use it to train your customers on a software?

The Power of Writing Down Your Goals and Dreams

Almost every person has goals, objectives or aspirations regarding their life paths. However, only a few get to realize them. This could be due to a lot of factors that may or may not be under an individual’s control. One particular factor that affects goal attainment is the way you summarize and review them.

What to Include in Your Customer Training Survey

Don’t overload your customer training survey with questions. Learn what to include and what to skip here!

How to Build a Customer Training Manual

Encourage customer autonomy, effective learning, and more through a customer training manual. Learn how to make one here!

Here’s the SWAG B2B Buyers Actually Want (According to Our Survey)

We asked our customers what kind of branded merchandise they actually wanted to receive. Find out the results!

Why Blended Content is Important for Customer Software Training

Blended content is key to onboarding and training your software customers. Here’s why.

How Software Companies Improve Customer Training with Channel Training

When software companies are scaling rapidly, developing a channel network of trainers is key to keeping up with the demand for customer training!

How to Prevent Churn With a Successful Customer Training Program

Combating churn is difficult for any company, and having successful customer training is one of the best ways to prevent churn. Here’s how to get started!

Going Global? Here Are 5 Ways to Road Map International Success

Navigating global efforts involves overcoming challenges you may not face in domestic markets. These five timeless steps will help you map your journey to international success.

Top 5 LMS Woes

An 11% decline in the use of Learning Management Systems (LMS) is due to a variety of complaints with the often overly complicated and buggy system. In this year’s report on the State of Learning & Development (L&D), we invited our respondents to once again share their top five complaints with their LMS. Check them out here!

How Soft Skills Strengthen Every Department

Soft skills, like a strong work ethic or being a team player, are refined through personal growth. During our 3-day kickoff in Memphis, we learned from a variety of speakers from Ryan Cahill to Kristen Hayer about how to cultivate these skills to work towards success for our company, which we’re sharing with you for continued success in your field!

How This SaaS Company Measures the Success of Customer Retention Training

Check out how one SaaS company measures the impact of training on customer retention!

New Multi-Content View in Mimeo Digital Makes It Easier to Reinforce Knowledge

Provide a better content experience to your end-users with new multi-content view!

Mimeo Digital Adds Robust Usage Analytics to the Admin Dashboard

Mimeo Digital admins can now access users anayltics, including Key Redemptions and User Signups, through the admin dashboard.

Advanced PowerPoint for Trainers: Gus Prestera Answers Your Questions

Following our webinar, Gus Prestera answers your questions about animating infographics in PowerPoint.

7 E-commerce Tools Every Small Business Needs

Some of the best success stories come from new entrepreneurs establishing their own e-commerce storefronts. However, jumping headfirst into this type of business model can be treacherous if you don’t arm yourself with the proper tools and services.

Here are seven business tools that every small business owner needs to successfully launch and grow their online storefront.

5 Cloud-Based SaaS Every Small Business Needs

Small businesses need all the help they can get when it comes to controlling costs, data security and accounting. Cloud computing offers some powerful online tools located on remote servers — giving you a safer, more cost-effective way of managing your business.

SEO Tips for Small Business

Having a strong online presence is essential to the success of any small business. Search engine optimization can help your website become more visible online.

What Makes a Good Small Business Audit?

When most small business owners hear “audit” they immediately think of the IRS. In reality, audits are used for a variety of functions unrelated to tax review.

From printing services to inventory ordering and more, any business activity can be reviewed by an audit. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of an audit and how to ensure your audits are trustworthy and effective.

10 Best Practices to Support On-The-Job Training

On-the-job training can be tricky to design, but these tips help create a framework to keep learning going beyond the classroom.

The Future Of Blockchain Technology And Its Place In Business Ops

Four distinct areas of business operations that blockchain technology can improve today and in the future.

What Small but Mighty Training Teams Can Do

Most training teams are small, but that doesn’t keep them from getting things done!

Seven Core Principles for Hiring for Restaurants

A great team is important no matter what the industry, but it’s especially important in the high-turnover restaurant industry. Learn here the seven most important principles when it comes to hiring for restaurants.

4 Social Media DOs and DON’Ts for Event Promotion

Event marketers need a promotion plan that encourages early interest and maintains momentum until the last ticket or registration is sold. A solid social media strategy can even help garner interest for future events. Keep the following social media DOs and DON’Ts in mind for your B2B event.

Cybersecurity for Writers: Top 6 Content Protection Plugins

Putting your name on your blog doesn’t mean much to those who want to steal your content. Check out these 6 cybersecurity plugins that ensure your hard work stays protected!

How to Ensure Individualized Learning Plans Actually Work

With these tips, you’ll tap in to your employees’ learning potential and motivate them in ways that actually work!

Virtual Reality for Trainers

People get married using it, meet new friends on it, practice complicated medical procedures, and even make movies. Virtual Reality is an ever adaptive wave of technology with seemingly every use under the sun, but is it a viable reality for trainers?

When Procrastination Serves Well For Your Productivity

Instead of demonizing procrastination, learn how to use procrastination in the right context here so employees can become more focused, creative, productive, and experience less stress.

How We Planned a 3-Day Conference in 3 Weeks (and Still Managed to Have Fun)

As any event planner will know, there’s a lot of moving parts that go into planning a conference. For Mimeo’s offsite Kickoff, we had just 3 weeks to plan our 3-day event! We’ve learned a lot from the experience, so check out our 5 tips to help make events run smoothly.

Recap: Just-In-Time Training Is Everywhere (and Doesn’t Need to Be High-Tech)

At our panel at ATD ICE 2018, we asked panelists from Google, Panera, and Endurance Learning about how they use just-in-time training. Here’s the recap and slides.

Four Secrets to Creating Engaging Digital Content

Use these four secrets to ensure your digital learners get the most from your training content.

Why Microlearning is the Future of Training

Microlearning is more than just a buzzword; it’s the future of training! Learn why instructors are adapting their training material through microlearning here.

Three Reasons to Become Scrum Master Certified

Named the hottest job of 2017, scrum masters are becoming an integral part of any team. Learn the benefits of becoming certified here!

The Top Challenges Facing Corporate Training (2018)

These are the top challenges internal and external trainers battle every day.

Individual Learning Styles

Gone are the days when learners were separated into groups of how they best learn: visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. Today, this belief is being debunked. It’s important to be able to incorporate aspects of all methods of learning in order to engage learners.

Hazard Prevention in the Workplace

Everything from height safety to toxins in the air are everyday hazards for those who work in construction and the industrial sector. Check out the most important hazard prevention practices to ensure you and your employees stay safe in the workplace!

When should you be a learning facilitator or a trainer?

Learning the difference between the two helps you know when to engage these roles, resulting in a better classroom experience for you and your students!

Tips for Measuring ROI

From pulse checks to receiving intangible and tangible benefits, check out our tips about ROI taken straight from one of our free, on-demand webinars!

4 Sales Management Skills You Should Focus On

Gone are the days when coaching and leadership were the most important skills for sales managers to learn. Learn the 4 most important skills sales managers should have here!

Digital Interaction Vastly Changes Across Platforms

With these tips, you’ll strengthen your readership and reach a wider audience!

6 of the Best Event Marketing Tips to Follow This Year

Every organization has events, but what should an event marketer do to make it run smoothly? Check out our top 6 tips to ensure your events this year will be the best ones yet!

Start Measuring Your Training this Monday

Follow these five steps to jumpstart your training measurement strategy.

Your Cheat Sheet to Setting Goals

Learn how to set goals efficiently and ready yourself for success with these easy steps!

5 Disruptive FinTech Technologies Redefining Consumer Finance

FinTech, or innovative finance technologies, have transformed the consumer banking industry. Take a look at five of the most important ones that will change the way you bank in the near future!

3 Tips to Create an Engaging Virtual Class

These three tips will help you understand how people process and learn content.

This Outline for Measuring Training Will Save Your Life

Follow this outline so you can showcase your training’s impact on the business.

Don’t Need Web-to-Print? You’re Doomed

Learn how Web2Print technology continues to shape the future of the graphics industry.

5 Tips for Relocating

Use these five tips to know what to bring and what to leave when you start the next great chapter of your life!

Examining the Problems with Digital Advertising

Digital advertising has long been controversial with issues including transparency and branding.

Why America Continues to Lag in Internet Speeds

As America prepares to roll out 5G coverage across the country, it’s important to take a look at why our existing internet speeds lag so far behind others.

Why More Millennials Are Calling Memphis Home

Learn what Memphis, a popular city for Millennials, has to offer! From cultural initiatives to live music and delicious BBQ, Memphis has it all!

How ‘Always-On’ Culture is Changing Customer Service

As the internet further connects us, businesses are expected to use technology to open more avenues of communication with their customers.

6 Learning Apps Your Smartphone Must-Have

These six helpful learning applications encourage autonomy and exploration in your learning.

Why Print is Motivating Millennials

As Millennials unplug from the digital advertising world, advertisers have to get increasingly creative.

AI-Enabled ERP: 3 Crucial Benefits for Supply Chain Management

ERP is more than a simple reaction to users’ requests for information when AI and machine learning are introduced. Take a look at the three crucial benefits AI-Enabled ERP has for Supply Chain Management.

6 Characteristics of the Best Project Managers

Project Managers can make or break an organization depending on their skills and personality traits.

How to Get Your Learning Community Started

These 4 steps make it easy to encourage informal learning with a community of practice.

Tips to Become More Likeable in Your Workplace

Read our tips that can help you become more likeable in your workplace.

Tips For Writing The Best Sales Email

To promote high response rates, a salesperson must know how to create a successful email to their advantage. Read our tips and tricks for writing the best sales emails.

4 Questions to Determine the Business Objectives of Training

Make sure your training is focused on business impact with these 4 questions.

How Blockchain Might Impact the Future of the Real Estate Industry

With technology and real estate being so closely linked in a number of ways today, here are just a few of the ways in which blockchain is going to change how real estate works in the future.

Common Office Design Mistakes to Avoid

The way you design and create your office has more of an impact on your business than you think. Here are 3 main mistakes to avoid when designing your office space.

3 Graphic Design Hacks to Direct Focus

With these tips, you’ll grab your learner’s attention without giving them a headache.

Note-Taking: Digital or Traditional?

When it comes to effectively learning and processing material, read why a pen and paper is the more beneficial way to take notes.

The Essential Checklist for Creating Your Small Business From Scratch

Thinking about creating a small business from scratch? Here is an essential list of actions you should follow in the process.

Remote Working Is Getting Pushed Back

Remote working has been on the rise throughout the years. When it comes to productivity, company culture, employee satisfaction, and more, what are the pros and cons of working remotely?

8 Ingredients for Successful Blended Learning

We asked 8 training experts to share their favorite recipes for blended learning. These are the ingredients you need for successful cooking in your training kitchen!

5 Tips to Make Your Virtual Training More Interactive

These tricks will help you make your online learning more interactive than ever!

5 Gamification Tips to Make New Hire Learning More Interesting

Game-based learning is an effective way to help new hires get more from your training programs, and quickly learn your company’s policies and procedures. Here are 5 tips to make your new hire learning process more interesting.

3 Tools for Mastering the Lukewarm Call

Strengthen your selling process by warm calling. These 3 tools will bring your content to life, and help you to effectively engage with prospects.

5 HR Trends to Watch in 2018

HR professionals are constantly implementing new strategies as new policies, practices, and technologies. Consider watching these five HR trends to in 2018.

How to Stay Motivated at Work During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is here! That means parties, shopping, hosting, planning, traveling, and work… Learn how to stay motivated at work with these 7 tips.

5 Apps to Keep Track of Expenses and Receipts

Tracking expenses and receipts can be tedious. These 5 apps could turn your expense tracking from a disorganized mess to a well-oiled machine.

Seven Ways to Improve Email Communications For L&D Professionals

Follow these tips to improve email communications and help your message be heard by L&D stakeholders and decision makers.

Recruiting Students: How to Attract and Retain Unsalaried Interns

Recruiting fresh interns without putting them on the payroll is always a challenge. Read about how to incentivize unpaid interns.

Why Startups Shouldn’t Ditch HR

Some form of HR is necessary when dealing with startups in order to maximize company and employee value. Read here to find out why it’s so important.

How Often Should Retailers Deliver Product Training?

Today’s average consumer is more informed about products thanks to online reviews. Retail training is changing and can help increase engagement.

3 Types of Patient Engagement Tech

Patient engagement tech like apps, smartphones, and tablets can provide patients with healthier results. Find out how here.

The Top 5 HR Startups of 2017

From advanced recruiter bots to ways of attracting the best talent, here are 5 promising new HR startups doing things in the world a little differently.

13 Resources from Make Your Learning Stick (A Beginner’s Guide to Neuroplasticity for Learning and Development)

These books and resources suggested on our webinar will get you up-to-speed on neuroplasticity for learning and development.

Introducing Mimeo Displays

Mimeo Displays is a direct way to provide our customers with materials for upcoming events, promotions, and training sessions. Find out more.

5 Ways to Reduce Your SaaS Churn

A high churn rate is a sign that your SaaS business isn’t doing well. Here are five proven methods to drastically reduce your organization’s churn rate.

How to Ensure Your Proposal Content Actually Gets Used

Marketing, sales enablement, and sales teams create a lot of content. Here’s how to ensure the right content is included in your next proposal.

7 Workplace Monsters We all Know

In honor of Halloween, we’re looking at some very special “monsters” you will typically encounter in your workplace.

Best Practices for a Training Needs Analysis

A Training Needs Analysis (TNA) assesses where training requires improvement. This process will help you gain key insights and identify training gaps.

Avoiding Groupthink by Eliminating the 8 Wastes in Lean

The 8 Wastes model of lean manufacturing, or DOWNTIME, identify potential areas of waste that can be avoided. Learn what they are in this article.

What Not to Do in a Mentorship Program

Mentorship programs are an important staff development tool. Use these best practices to avoid common mistakes when executing a mentorship program.

Why You Should Game Away the Leadership Gap

Gamification is a strategy that many of the world’s top companies are using in leadership development trainings. See how they employ it.

6 Keys to Build an Emotional Connection Between Products and Customers

Consumers make emotional purchases when it comes to products and services. Find out how to appeal to their emotions with these tips.

5 Ways 3D Printing is Changing the World

Check out these five powerful ways 3D printing is being used today and how it has made an impact on society.

Creating A Customer Service Culture That Will Make Your Customers Come Back

Great customer service can make you stand out as the better choice among competitors. Use these best practices to create a strong customer service culture.

Psychology Of Color: Make Your Blog Writing More Interesting

Read about how the psychology of color should be considered when designing ads, writing blog posts, creating brand colors, and setting up websites.

7 Workplace Distractions & How To Overcome Them

From hunger to gossip, the workplace is filled with distractions. Maintain your focus by learning how to overcome these common workplace distractions.

How Instagram Changed the Restaurant Industry

From decorative interiors to food, read about how Instagram has impacted how restaurants market themselves to consumers and other businesses.

How to Build a Learning Brand for Your Company

There are many steps to consider in building a learning brand for your company. Read about how to make the most out of your branding strategy.

My Summer Internship at Mimeo

Deborah was Mimeo’s Content Intern during the summer of 2017. Hear about her experience as she looks back on what she learned and contributed to Mimeo!

Morning Larks vs. Night Owls: Best Times to Increase Workplace Productivity

Take our short quiz to find out if you’re a Morning Lark or Night Owl – and learn when you’re most productive during the day!

6 Unique Events to Boost Your Attendance

Events are unique ways to attract attention to your business. Here are 6 types of unique events that can boost your presence and sales in a fun and engaging way.

5 Tips For Finding The Best Talent For Startups

Convincing people to work for you may be the hardest part about startups. Here are 5 tips to find the best possible talent.

25 Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

Here are 25 quick tips that will help you find the perfect balance between your work and other aspects of life.

How Digital Technology Is Transforming Cardiac Care

Digital technology is changing the face of cardiac care. Here are a few examples of the ways it’s transforming before our eyes.

Should You Invest in an Event App?

Here are some of the pros and cons to investing in an event app.

6 Trends in Healthcare Wearable Technologies

Wearable technology is continuing to introduce innovations that push the boundaries of our traditional healthcare.

How RegTech Will Transform Compliance

With recent advances in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, learn how RegTech will transform compliance.

Interview Etiquette (Tips to Nail an Interview)

Interviews can be nerve-wracking. Here are some tips on how to ace your next interview and land your dream job.

Why Bankbots will Shape Finance’s Future

Through the use of artificial intelligence and chatbots, customer service in banking may be evolving for the future.

3 Team-Building Activities Your Workplace Will Love

Team building activities are great ways to encourage team bonding and build skills in the workplace. Here are 3 lively activities that will boost participation.

10 Technological Innovations Explained Through GIFs

From cell phones that resemble bricks to the classic Walkman, check out these 10 awesome technological innovations as explained through GIFs.

How Humans Beat Robots in Retail

The growing trend of robots and automation is hard to ignore in the retail world. However, adding a human touch can lead to superior customer service.

The Death of the Minibar (and Other Hospitality Staples)

Because hotels are having a difficult time keeping up with competitors and travelers’ needs, the minibar is disappearing with other hospitality staples.

5 Facts About the State of FinTech — and Why They Really Matter

Financial Technology is rapidly growing. Here are 5 facts about FinTech that are worth reading about and why it should matter to you too.

Do Bigger Companies Have Bigger Training Departments?

Finding a training team of more than 10 people is like finding the holy grail. Which companies are most likely to have larger training teams? Read this post to find out.

Work in Social Media? Don’t Ignore These 10 Things

Are you working with social media? Here are the top 10 tips to consider when enhancing your social media marketing strategy.

How Training Teams Use Learning Technology

94% of training teams use technology to enhance their learning. This blog post examines the most common ways they use that training.

2017 Top LMS Complaints

Our State of L&D 2017 research shows these are the top complaints with learning management systems.

Who Is Using Mobile Learning?

We asked companies whether they use mobile learning already. This blog post breaks down who is ahead of the curve by industry and company size.

Can We Guess How Your Personality Type Affects Your Learning Style?

Which one of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types are you? Discover your personality type in this 30-second quiz, and how it affects your learning style.

5 Effective Ways to Welcome New Employees

It’s a must to have a plan in place to welcome new employees in your onboarding strategy. Use these 5 easy welcome tactics in your onboarding process.

3 Ways to Gauge Employee Satisfaction

How can you be sure your employees are satisfied? Use these methods to measure, understand, and increase employee satisfaction in your workplace.

The Importance of Updating Training Content

Our report shows that trainers increasingly care about being able to easily update training content.

3 Healthcare Recruiting Trends HR Leaders Need to Know

Many factors are contributing to talent shortage within the healthcare industry. HR leaders are keeping an eye on these healthcare recruiting trends.

How Vacation Benefits Workplace Productivity

Many US workers don’t use their vacation time. Yet, vacation benefits result in a healthier mind, body, and business. Learn how here.

98 Learning People and Organizations You Should Know About

Download this infographic for a full list of 98 people, blogs, and events you should be following to stay up-to-date on corporate learning and development trends.

Mimeo’s New Look & Exciting Future Developments

We’ve updated Mimeo Print’s header, making it easier for users to navigate. Find out what future development updates are coming in this post.

6 Videos To Make You a Mimeo Superstar

Watch these six videos to learn all the tricks and tips that will make you a Mimeo Superstar. Let us know what else you want to learn!

Leveraging Content Distribution to Support Med Device Initiatives

Discover how the right content management and distribution system can take the burden off of multiple departments while scaling support across regions.

Use These 10 Tips To Boost Your Business Email Writing Skills

The good majority of communication in the workplace is done via email. Improve your business email writing skills with these 10 tips.

10 Tips on Getting the Best Speakers at Your Next Event

Choosing the best speaker for your next event can be difficult. Apply these 10 tips when researching, vetting, and choosing event speakers.

Data’s Growing Influence in the Oil & Gas Industry

Data’s use, its analysis, and its strategy is growing within the oil and gas industry. Learn why and how to identify a good data strategy.

Why We Release New Features: Announcing Print to Edge

Mimeo’s Print to Edge feature helps our customers create great first impressions. Print to edge (or full bleed) on bound document covers!

Tips for Taking Advantage of Twitter for Recruiting

There are many innovative ways organizations are reaching out to talent, Twitter being one of them! Use these tips to use Twitter for recruiting purposes.

An HR Alternative to the Feared Annual Employee Review

The annual employee review can be a source of stress for both manager and employee. Discover alternatives to yearly reviews in this post.

How to Manage the Employee Offboarding Process

The employee offboarding process is a natural part of business. Read this article for tips on how to ensure this process goes smoothly.

Our Picks: Your Summer 2017 Reading List

Looking to add to your summer reading list? Look no further. These books will help your return from summer vacation to work more bearable.

Are 360-Degree Feedback Programs Really That Effective?

360-degree feedback is a performance appraisal system provided from a combination of professional and non-professional peers.

Customer Service Can Learn From the Wendy’s Nuggets Guy

Carter Wilkerson, the Wendy’s Nuggets Guy, has broken the record for the most retweets. But what can customer service trainers learn from this viral tweet?

Using Behavioral Science to Transform Leadership Development

Organizations are addressing challenges to leadership development with behavioral science. These 3 practices are transforming leadership development.

Fee-for-Service CRO Documentation Outsourcing Models

That is why fee-for-service (FFS) CRO outsourcing models from print on-demand companies offer viable solutions for regulation compliance. Here’s how.

HR in Healthcare: 2017 Trends & Beyond

HR in healthcare faces a unique set of trends in employee recruitment and management. This article examines some of the emerging HR trends in healthcare.

How AI and Cloud Platforms Improve the Accounting Industry

AI and cloud computing platforms are improving the accounting industry. Learn how accountant leverage AI for analytics and data processing.

How to Overcome Sales and Marketing Misalignment

Sales and marketing teams are historically misaligned. Understand how this came to be and how to achieve sales and marketing alignment.

3 Ways to Slash the Bias From Your Interview Process

Interview bias can manifest in a number of ways. Here are a few key ways to unlock unbiased recruitment processes in your organization.

Design Tips on 4 Types of Print Marketing Materials

These design tips will help you create 4 stunning types of print marketing materials — and deliver them to your audience in consistent high-quality.

How To Stop Colleagues From Wasting Your Time

How can you stop others from interfering with your schedule? Here are a few of the worst workplace culprits and how to stop them from wasting your time.

Steps to Reduce Waste with Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing drives value while reducing waste. Use these steps to effectively reduce waste within your organization.

How Hospitality Training is Solving Industry Challenges

Hospitality training addresses needs and increases the quality of service. Here are a few ways training prevents and manages industry challenges.

Taming Your Menus: Are Menu Items Confusing Customers?

Guests can become overwhelmed with too many menu items to choose from. Here are practical ways to create an easy dining experience with your menu design.

How to Provide Effective Manufacturing Training with Print On-Demand

Manufacturing training teams are responsible for training a variety of audiences, addressing numerous needs. Here’s how print on-demand helps trainers.

5 Ways to Involve Your Team Members in the Recruitment Process

Involving team members in the recruitment process helps to quickly find the right candidate. Use these 5 tips to involve employees in hiring processes.

Questions to Ask While Strategizing Talent Development

Here are key questions to ask in your while strategizing talent development. These will help you find the right candidates while developing culture.

Ways IoT Manufacturers Can Improve Security

Security is on the top of every IoT manufacturers priority list. Here are some ways in which manufacturers can improve their security.

How to Access Your Own Hotel Business Center (Without Ever Setting Foot in One)

Frequent business travelers know the pain of waiting in the hotel business center. These hacks can help you avoid the business center altogether!

5 Reasons Telemedicine is the Future of Healthcare

Telemedicine has many advantages for both patients and health practitioners. Here are 5 of the most significant benefits of telemedicine.

How Retailers Can Create a Better In-Store Experience

A positive experience keeps shoppers in your retail space longer and creates repeat customers. Use these best practices to shape your in-store experience.

3 Terrible Tasks that Talent Acquisition Technology Can Take Over

Talent acquisition tools help HR automate tasks that typically account for a disproportionate amount of time. These 3 automation tools save HR teams time.

Why Room Setup for Training Matters

Room setup can greatly impact the effectiveness of your training sessions. Use these room setup tips to increase engagement and retention.

Why Change Management is Important for All Businesses

As a result of rapidly changing technologies, businesses must be capable of implementing change management. Here are 3 best practices for success.

Learning to Lead: HR Organizations to Join

HR organizations can offer valuable insights into the day-to-day running of your office. Here are few HR organizations that you may consider joining.

8 of the Best TED Talks Every Professional Should Watch

Bold, riveting, and even funny. Watch 8 of the best TED Talks to broaden your knowledge and change the way you apply yourself.

[Interview] Kodak’s President, Print Systems Division, Brad Kruchten on Print’s Societal Impact & Future

Kodak’s President of Print Systems Division, Brad Kruchten, discusses the Print Industry’s evolution, impact on society, and future.

Updating HR: Hiring With Blockchain

Blockchain is a technology that is updating HR’s hiring practices. Learn more about how and why HR departments are using blockchain.

5 Hazards of a Fast-Paced Restaurant Atmosphere

Your restaurant atmosphere can greatly impact the guest experience. Here are 5 hazards of a busy restaurant and how to avoid them from reoccurring.

Do Wellness Programs Save Employers Money?

Many employers offer wellness programs to their employees. These programs are large expenditures and leave many employers questioning the ROI.

‘What did you last Google?’ The Rise and Fall of Quirky Interview Questions

If you’ve interviewed for a job and been asked quirky interview questions, you are not alone. Read why this trend became popular.

3 Incredible Biomedical Technologies Changing Healthcare

Biomedical technologies are changing healthcare at a rapid rate. These 3 developments are helping physicians provide better healthcare.

6 Simple Ways to Empower Employees

An environment of empowerment yields many benefits, like higher levels of productivity. Use these tips to empower employees at your workplace.

How Measurement Helps the Siemens Training Team

Peter Burdon shares how his training team at Siemens uses measurement to improve the quality of their training.

Addressing Negative Online Reviews From Disgruntled Former Employees

Some of former employees let their voices heard by posting negative online reviews. Use these best practices to address negative reviews.

How Do We Learn? Effects of the Brain

How do we learn? This infographic looks at how neuroscience affects perception, learning, and retention. Find out how to get most out of learning sessions.

The State of Training Channel Partners [Infographic]

Learn the different challenges channel partners and channel training teams face, and how to overcome them in this free infographic.

How Social Solutions Revolutionized Their Training Measurement

Jessica Coburn shares how she developed a new training measurement matrix to move from utilization metrics to a full Kirkpatrick-style assessment.

How to Use Big Data for Talent Acquisition

The use of Big Data paves the way to faster, more intelligent assessment of applicants. Here are 3 stages to applying Big Data to talent acquisition.

12 Venues That Break the Norm for Your Next Corporate Event

Finding a functional but striking corporate event venue is difficult. Use our list of 12 breathtaking venues when planning your next corporate event!

Will Work From Home Work for You?

It’s becoming increasingly common for organizations to allow their employees to work from home. But is it right for your organization?

How to Develop a Corporate Mentorship Program From Scratch

A successful corporate mentorship program increases company-wide productivity. Here are tips on how to develop a successful program.

Battling the Forgetting Curve with Retrieval Practice

Humans forget information exponentially over time. Read this post to learn how to battle the forgetting curve and retain information.

How Retailers Can Improve Their Loss Prevention Strategy

Retail employees are on the front lines of loss prevention. Loss prevention training strategies help to preserve your retail profits.

Training Measurement Gets the Apple Gold Group Where It Needs to Be

Reggie Hayes shares how his company, an Applebee’s franchisee, monitors and measures their complex training program.

7 Types of Bad Presenters You Don’t Want to Be

Delivery is key in any presentation. Chances are you’ve sat through some bad presentations. Here are 7 bad presenters and how you can avoid becoming one!

5 Contributors to the 80/20 Rule in Channel Programs

In channel sales, the 80/20 rule consists of the top 20% of partners driving 80% of revenue. Here are 5 contributors to the 80/20 rule in channel programs.

What Do Most L&D Professionals Have in Common?

Most L&D professionals share common characteristics and workstyles with others in their field. However, most of these skills and traits aren’t taught.

4 Challenges to Channel Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is demanding in a globally dispersed channel partner network. Here we look a set of challenges associated with channel sales enablement.

How to Build Resilience Skills in the Workplace

There is a practical need for positive change in today’s workplace. Use these 5 tips to build resilience skills across your team.

Why Group Interviews Are Best for Retail Positions

Group interviews provide an easy way to assess retail job candidates thoroughly and quickly. Use these tips when preparing to interview retail candidates.

7 Airport Lounges Actually Worth Expensing

Do a lot of business travel? This is a list of 7 airport lounges that are actually worth the expense. Read through our list to see the perks they offer.

3 Perks Employees Value as Much as Salary

Compensation is critical, but it’s not the only factor that job-seekers and employees value. These 3 employee perks help attract and retain employees.

Workforce Automation in the Tech Industry

Advances in technology have continually changed how humans work. Workforce automation is predicted to dramatically change the tech industry in the next decade.

The Importance of the Pink Team in the Proposal Process

Color-coded proposal reviews are an accepted industry practice. The Pink Team is essential to developing a bid’s success and ensuring compliance.

Mimeo Wins for Being Unique

Mimeo is honored to win the Brandon Hall Group Bronze Award for Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology! Find out what that means to us in this post.

The Unconventional Truth Behind Productivity

There are a lot of misconceptions about productivity. This article explores how worker autonomy can result in increased output and quality.

Millennials: The Future of Insurance Agents? Not Likely

What will future of insurance agents resemble? Research shows millennials’ lack an extreme amount of desire to work in the insurance industry.

Your Guide to Avoiding the Post-Holiday Blues

Returning from holiday vacation doesn’t have to be a jolt that throws off your work-life balance. Avoid the post-holiday blues with these tips.

What the See Now, Buy Now Trend Means for Retailers

Today’s retail customer has been trained to expect instant gratification. Learn how to prepare for the “see now, buy now” trend.

10 Tips for an Awesome ATD Techknowledge 2017

Check out these 10 tips to have an awesome experience at ATD TechKnowledge 2017 this January in Las Vegas. It’s all about learning and having fun! Don’t forget to stop by Booth 308!

Increase in Empathy Training in the Workplace

This article looks at the reasons behind increased investment in empathy training and best practices in applying empathy in the workplace.

How To Manage Toxic Employees

Toxic employees bring hostility into the workplace. Can’t avoid them because you’re their manager? Use this guide for how to manage toxic employees.

Hacks to Stretch Your Minimal (or Nonexistent) L&D Budget

A lack of budget doesn’t have to mean that all training comes to a standstill. Try out these practical and effective ways to stretch your L&D budget.

Are Digital Proofs Better for Print?

What’s the best way to build a bound document? Learn how to proof, bind, print and ship your content in minutes with our step by step bound document guide.

4 Tips for Managing Remote Teams

Managing remote teams from remote offices presents its own unique sets of challenges. Here are 4 management techniques to try with your remote employees.

6 Tips for Your Next Proposal Presentation

Shortlisted after submitting a proposal? Now is the time sales and proposal teams must align. Use these tips to create an effective proposal presentation.

The 6 Factors Forcing Change in FinServ’s L&D

Chris Nekvinda PhD from Cannon Financial shares the six factors forcing the financial services sphere to change its approach to learning and development.

Is Your Budget Slowing Employee Engagement?

Do you see your budget as a barrier to employee engagement? You’re not alone. Here are tactics to increase employee engagement at your workplace.

5 Simple Ways to Motivate Millennial Employees

How can you groom millennials into productive and contributing members of your organization? Use these tips to determine which management approach is best.

How To Solve 5 RFP Challenges [Infographic]

Research shows that RFP and proposal teams share common pain points. This post and infographic offer solutions to answering these proposal team challenges.

The 5 Greatest Insights from #MimeoWebinars This Year

Re-live the greatest moments of Mimeo’s L&D Webinar Series with these 5 highlights.

Comparing Candidate Sourcing — Ranking the Best Techniques

In this post, we compare how candidate sourcing methods stand up against ease of use, time, return on investment (ROI), and cost effectiveness.

Graphic Design Tips and Hacks (For Non-Artists)

Marketer but not a graphic designer? Here are some graphic design tips and hacks to create a color scheme to maximize your branding.

Mindfulness Training’s Increasing Popularity [Study]

Employers are turning to meditation to benefit their staff, as well as themselves. Studies point to mindfulness training growing in popularity.

Company Data Fatigue: 3 Immediate HR and CRM Remedies

Company data fatigue (information overload) affects sales efficiency and lowers retention rates. Use these remedies to combat data fatigue.

Proposal Automation: Let Your Content Library Work for You

Content libraries can help drive proposal automation. Here are a few best practices to let your content library work for you, not against you.

5 Key Lean Manufacturing Principles

In this blog post we look at the 5 key lean manufacturing principles and their benefits to both manufacturers and customers.

Gamification Vs. Game-Based Learning

Game-based learning and gamification have revolutionized eLearning practices with the ability to motivate employees in training programs.

3 Takeaways from the Inc. Women’s Summit

Mimeo’s event coordinator attended the Inc Women’s Summit in NYC. Here are 3 lessons she learned from the amazing speakers and attendees about how to succeed as a woman entrepreneur.

Make Your Sales Team Mobile: 4 Considerations

Looking to mobilize salesforce but not sure where to start? Here are 4 considerations for any organization looking to mobilize their salesforce.

Best CRMs to Help You Stay Out of the Red

Customer Relationship Management is critical to an organization’s success. Here’s a closer look at some of the best CRMs to help you succeed.

How to Effectively Use Proposal Graphics

A proposal’s message can get lost in long content. Supporting proposal graphics make it easy for your readers to understand your message.

Happy International Working Out Loud Week!

International Working Out Loud Week improves employee engagement and participation. Here are 7 ways you can participate in Working Out Loud