Pharmaceutical Printing and Logistics

Mimeo is your one-stop solution to the printing and distribution challenges that pharmaceutical companies face.

On-Demand Pharmaceutical Printing Services

Mimeo has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical market, and we understand the unique challenges that you face. We are here to help you distribute your printed materials as soon as the next morning, ensuring that you respond quickly to changing brand needs.

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Security is a Top Priority

Mimeo is dedicated to providing pharmaceutical companies with the utmost security, online and in our printing facility. Mimeo has earned the widely recognized privacy certificate from Digital Privacy Management (DPM) Company. Our print distribution center has 24/7 surveillance throughout the entire building.

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Last-Minute Printing

Get your company literature to market faster than anyone else in the pharmaceutical industry. With Mimeo, the turnaround time for your last-minute print order is almost immediate, yet you won’t sacrifice quality.

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Seamless Shipping for Sales Reps

Your sales reps are busy in the field. That’s why our solution is designed with logistics in mind. Our address book lets you upload all addresses at once, save them, and select them for your shipments.

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Your One-Stop-Shop

Mimeo not only takes care of your printing and shipping. We also provide you with your own company-branded storefront. Easily create a Mimeo Marketplace storefront, where your reps can order sales sheets, brochures, letter templates, and other materials whenever they want.

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Spend Management

Print on-demand doesn’t have to mean unlimited spending. We give you complete control of how much your reps are spending on materials. Specify ordering limits and budgets, and access reporting to gain further insights into expenditures.

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Eliminate Waste

We specialize in efficient print and distribution. Our solution allows you to print on-demand and order as little or as much as you want, at the time that’s right for you. You no longer have to pay high warehousing costs for obsolescence and waste from bulk orders.

How to Build Flyers and Sell Sheets

Watch this video to learn how to create, customize, and order printed flyers and sell sheets. Our document builder lets you easily build materials that make an impact on clients and prospects.

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How Your Reps Can Order On-Demand

Ordering sales sheets, brochures, and training documents is simple when you have a company Marketplace. This short video demonstrates how pharmaceutical reps and others in the industry can order documents and company-branded merchandise, and ship directly to any location.

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Your Partner for Smarter Printing and Training

Mimeo specializes in helping pharmaceutical clients print smarter, eliminating the need to warehouse materials. We also provide the most innovative training and sales content options.

Order the materials you need when you need them. Eliminate waste and reduce warehousing fees. Our state-of-the art technology provides a true on-demand model.
Proof online in real time. View your documents exactly as they will be printed. We deliver the highest quality of materials quickly with an impressive 99.7% error free rate.
Train your team from anywhere. We provide remote teams with an all-in-one solution that includes access to video, digital content, and printed materials.
Boost brand awareness and instill company pride. From company-branded t-shirts to cups to totes, Mimeo has all of your SWAG covered. It couldn’t be easier for your team to order their go-to SWAG.

Mimeo Branded Storefront

Create a corporate-branded storefront in minutes. Give your team access to the latest sales materials, training documents, and company templates. Mimeo Marketplace is a user-friendly, self-service platform that saves you time and provides your team with the materials they need 24/7.

Mimeo Digital Solution

Securely distribute digital content in any format, from videos to worksheets to PDFs, to any device. Our Mimeo Digital solution encourages continued learning, document sharing, and engagement through innovative collaboration tools.

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