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Printing for Pharmaceutical Companies

Get better printing for your pre-sale, post-sale, and field operations with online, on-demand print from Mimeo.

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On-Demand Pharmaceutical Printing Services

Mimeo has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical market, and we understand the unique challenges that you face. We are here to help you distribute your printed materials as soon as the next morning, ensuring that you respond quickly to changing brand needs.

Manage Print
From Anywhere

In office, at home or on the road. Manage your print orders from anywhere with an internet connection. Since we ship directly to your end-user, you don't need to wait around for deliveries to your front porch, either.

Print On
Your Timeline

Act when the FDA gives you approval, not when your printer has an opening in their queue. We print and ship overnight so that your documents show up as soon as 8:30 am the next morning.
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Right Documents
at the Right Time

Make sure your reps and field operations always have up-to-date content. Instead of placing bulk orders, take advantage of on-demand print to order the right documents at the right time. You'll save money, say goodbye to warehoused documents, and always deliver content with accurate information.

Easy Field
Sales Enablement

Publish brand-approved content to private print storefronts so your field sales reps can order the print they need when they need it, without bogging down your to-do list.

CRO Partners

Make sure your clinical trial partners have the documents they need. Publish approved materials to private storefronts that approved partners can order from, so that you rest easy knowing your clinical trials always have up-to-date documentation.
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Keep Documents
and Data Secure

Trust that your files, data, and physical documents are secure with Mimeo's certified security protocols.

What You Can Print With Mimeo

Pharmaceutical operations are complex. So are your documents. Mimeo is here to make the rest of it – printing, shipping, and tracking – as simple as possible. Here are some of the documents we help print:

Pre-Sale Documents

Marketing collateral and sales literature like brochures, catalogs, and booklets

Post-Sale Training Materials

Internal or external training handbooks, reference guides, binders, and handouts

Sales Literature

Sell sheets, brochures, business cards, flyers, and everything else your sales team needs

Clinical Trial Documents

Patient forms, documentation journals, instruction booklets, and all other print needs for your CRO partners

How to Print With Mimeo

Upload, customize, and order your print documents in minutes. See the platform in action in this 2-minute video.

Mimeo Marketplace

Scale your print to field sales reps, regional departments, or clinical trial partners with Mimeo Marketplace. Publish your documents to a private, branded storefront. Then, allow approved users to order content themselves. You stay in control of what they can order, who can order it, and even how many copies they can order at a time. Meanwhile, you say goodbye to putting other teams’ print needs on your to-do list.

Watch this 2-minute video to see how Marketplace works!

“With Mimeo, we have a system in place for our print
collateral. It’s very easy for us to continue scaling globally
to the demands of the business”

“I like the scalability of Mimeo Marketplace. So, I can easily order what I need in the interface, whether that’s 5 or 25 copies. And I know the exact number of materials I’m sending to support the instructors, no matter where they’re located.”

“Everything is easier: we are shipping direct to our customers and sales team instead of trying to ship it ourselves. Even with expedited shipping, it is still cheaper than when we did it ourselves.”

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