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Empower your audience with the ability to order what they need—when they want. Mimeo Marketplace platform puts you in control of your content.

Launch Your Own Branded Storefront

Mimeo Marketplace is your central portal for all your print and digital documents. You can set up a self-service, custom-branded company storefront in minutes and publish all your print, digital, and warehoused items. Enable your internal team and external partners to order your official print materials, SWAG, and templates, no matter their location.

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Your Corporate Marketplace

Create a storefront in minutes that’s complete with branding, descriptions, and product reviews.


Mimeo Marketplace has no monthly fees or long-term commitments. So you can set up as many storefronts as you need, as you need them.
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Create a New Revenue Stream

Mark up the pricing of your materials to generate revenue from each order placed. You’ll receive a check from us for the difference.

On-Demand Ordering

Enable internal teams or external partners to order customized print and digital materials.
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Set Your Own Permissions

Control budgets and drive user behavior through ordering restrictions.
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Hassle-Free Integration

Easily integrate our solution with your current system via SSO, API, and Punch-Out.

What is Mimeo Marketplace?

Mimeo Marketplace is a one-of-a-kind central portal for all of your company’s print and digital materials. This storefront solution frees you and your team from spending time on servicing your audience, saving you logistics headaches. Instead, you can give your audience–whether that’s employees, customers, or partners–the ability to access and order the company materials they need. Maintain control of your brand by only including approved materials. Customize the look of your storefront with your own logo, colors, and other branding.

Talk to the Team
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    Instantly build a storefront with branding, descriptions, and product previews.

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    Publish materials to internal teams or external partner networks.

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    Partners and resellers can order materials from your marketplace, no matter their region.

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    No long-term commitments. Set up as many storefronts as you need, as you need them.

On-Demand Print Branded Storefront Features

Perhaps the best features of Mimeo Marketplace are the options and flexibility, starting with setup. Choose to make your storefront open to the public or, like many of our training and consulting customers, require client logins to view materials. Your storefront can also be just for internal employees and partners. Include both print and digital materials in your Marketplace portal. Upload training manualsprocedures, business card templates, almost any kind of print document you can think of. Company-branded merchandise, or SWAG, is always a popular option for internal team members. You can even set ordering limits and adjust pricing to create a profit stream.

Get Started
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    Personalize documents with names, contact information, and more. Variable data printing allows you to customize text, images, and logos.

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    Make it easy for team members, partners, and others to order company-branded SWAG. We offer tons of merchandise, where you can place your logo. T-shirts, tote bags, safety masks and packages, and hand sanitizer are popular options.

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    Control budgets and drive behavior through ordering restrictions.

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    Adjust the pricing of your materials to generate revenue from each order placed.

Frequently Asked Questions.

We’re here to make your print operations as simple as possible. Check out these answers to commonly asked questions:

More FAQs

Mimeo Marketplace enables you to create a completely custom, branded storefront for shoppers. Additionally, Mimeo Marketplace can be white labeled at an additional cost, meaning that all Mimeo branding is removed, and the platform appears to be integrated with your own internal portals/platforms.

The way in which both platforms operate, however, are fully customizable through setting permissions, building a content repository, and establishing an address book.

Mimeo allows for customers to warehouse their items. Warehousing occurs at our production facilities. These items can be pulled and placed into shipments of printed items. These items can be kitted, bundled, and shipped with other print, or nonprint items.

Variable data printing (VDP) is a digital, on-demand printing option that enables you to customize document elements, such as text, graphics, and images, from one printed piece to the next. VDP is a practical tool for businesses who would like to personalize direct mail marketing to each individual recipient’s name, location, past purchases, and other unique information.

Our Proven Process

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    Set your goals

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    Get a demo + samples

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    We design your solution

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    Place your first order

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    Nuture + Support

Variable Data Printing Functionality

Did you know that your team can deliver materials that are tailored to your audience? Mimeo offers variable data printing (VDP), which unlocks a wide-array of customization options. VDP adds a personal, inviting element to your printed materials, allowing you to easily change:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Logos
  • Contact information: name, images, email address, phone number, and address
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