How Mimeo Supports Remote Training Initiatives

Discover 3 ways customers leverage Mimeo’s solution for more effective remote training: hard copy materials, SWAG, and digital content delivery.

Published on 30 April, 2021 | Last modified on 30 May, 2023
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Remote training is much more common now that the corporate workforce is used to working from home. However, virtual learning initiatives come with their own unique challenges to solve, including:

  • Choosing training material formats
  • Deciding whether or not to digitize all training content
  • Getting materials in front of learners
  • Mapping out the learning journey
  • Setting up hybrid classrooms

As workforce needs continue to change, you must continue to be nimble. This is why Mimeo is committed to helping remote training teams efficiently deliver training content, no matter the format. Here is how Mimeo supports our corporate training customers as they transition to remote training.

Hard Copy Training Materials Delivered Directly to Remote Learners

In a traditional classroom setting, you may give each learner a reference spiral notebook, a binder of worksheets, and handouts with key takeaways from your lesson. These items work on multiple levels, including sharing information and engaging tactile learners.

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When switching to remote training initiatives, it can be tempting to make everything virtual, from the training delivery to the training content. However, our customers find their learners respond better to the entire course when they still get physical materials. In addition to all the benefits of a classroom training kit, hard copies help keep remote learners focused on your course, rather than multitasking on their phone.

Most trainers don’t have the time to print, kit, and ship materials to each individual learner. That’s where Mimeo helps. Using our online, on demand print solution, trainers upload their content, choose things like paper stock and binding options, and order their documents. We then print those materials, kit them with physical items like company SWAG (more about that below), and ship via FedEx to each learner’s location (including residences or hotels).

That way, you only have to spend ten minutes online to set up a physical learning experience for your entire course.

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SWAG Shipped Along with Training Materials

If you want to build goodwill between learner and trainer during remote training sessions, make sure to send SWAG with your training materials. Why? SWAG starts off the virtual learning experience in a positive light. Each learner will open their package, expecting to find printed training materials, such as course books, resource guides, and handouts. They will be pleasantly surprised to discover pieces of branded SWAG in their training kit as well. In addition, they will remember you and your training for years to come – every time they use or even glance at the SWAG.

Mimeo has a wide array of SWAG that trainers can choose from and customize with their colors, logo, and text. Tote bags, water bottles, pens, and notebooks are among our most popular merchandise for both remote and in-person training. Learn more about SWAG options and ideas.

Secure, Flexible Digital Training Content Delivery 

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Of course, some materials are best sent digitally, such as reference videos, product information, and surveys. Delivering that virtual content can get complex as you juggle learner needs with content control, cybersecurity, collaboration, and accessibility. Your learners should be able to access content during and after class in various settings. This means that you need to make content easily accessible on computers, phones, and tablets. Meanwhile, your cybersecurity team will want you to ensure that every channel is as secure as possible, so you don’t risk a hack by emailing content to your learners.

This is when our customers turn to Mimeo Digital. The learner experience is very simple: after setting up their account, they access your training content from either their internet browser or an app on their mobile device. If you permit it, they can also make content available offline, allowing them to access it after class when they are no longer connected to the internet.

As an admin, you have complete control. Mimeo Digital is completely secure to meet your organization’s cybersecurity requirements. On top of that, you control who accesses your content. You can even add expiration dates or revoke access when someone leaves your course. Above all, Mimeo Digital is easy-to-use, so you can focus your time on developing top-rate training instead of on troubleshooting user errors.

Remote training definitely comes with challenges, from selecting among learning formats to delivering content in the most efficient way. Mimeo has been helping trainers provide better educational experiences for over 20 years. And, now, as we discussed in this article, our customers are using our solution in 3 ways to deliver the most effective remote training possible. They are:

  1. Shipping printed training materials directly to learners wherever they are (at home or in hotels). For in-person training events (which are on the rise), customers are sending training content to the event location early so that materials are waiting for attendees when they arrive.
  2. Including SWAG along with training materials. This is the ultimate surprise for learners and an affordable way for trainers to leave a lasting impression.
  3. Distributing digital materials using our secure, award-winning Mimeo Digital platform, which:
  • Gives you the flexibility to share content in any format, from PDF to document to video
  • Encourages learner collaboration with tools such as group notes and comments
  • Provides enhanced cybersecurity
  • Is accessible on any device, anywhere

Whether you are pulling remote learners into a giant virtual classroom for new-hire training or you are offering small-group, multi-week courses, Mimeo is here to help. Schedule a call now to get a custom demo!

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