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Courseware Distribution Platforms: The New Solution Disrupting the Training Services Technology Ecosystem

Learn how Courseware Distribution Platforms (CDPs) are changing the game for training service providers who currently rely on LMSs or DRMs in this white paper.

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Workbook: Rethink Your Hybrid Learning for the New Normal

Download Mimeo’s free workbook, Rethink Your Hybrid Learning for the New Normal, to learn from experts about hybrid L&D solutions.

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Training Channel Partners

View this ebook to learn how channel network training teams beat training obstacles. Learn ways to increase channel partner loyalty and more.

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Spotlight Report: Training Measurement 2017

What’s the current state of training measurement? Mimeo turned to our own community of L&D professionals to find out

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The State of Learning and Development – 2017

Download this free report to discover the challenges that L&D faced in 2017. We surveyed 449 learning professionals.

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Combating Hiring Mistakes

Read this report to find out how Eleven Fifty Coding Academy developed benchmarks to predict success in future employees.

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The State of Learning and Development – 2016

Gain insight into the state of learning and development in 2016, including challenges of training professionals and how L&D pros evaluate programs.

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Mimeo Digital Toolkit

Learn how to replicate the benefits of instructor-led training. We’ll show you ways to create an engaging, effective digital learning experience.

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Transitioning to Blended L&D Content

Learn why blended learning is more beneficial than either traditional or digital learning alone in this free ebook for L&D and training professionals.

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The State of Learning and Development – 2018

Download this State of Learning and Development report for insights into the corporate training industry in 2018. We surveyed 250+ L&D professionals.

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The Writer’s Guide to Winning RFPs

This free ebook is your complete guide to writing (and winning) request for proposals. It dispels RFP myths, helps streamline your process, and more.

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