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Major Restaurant Chain Uses Printed Kits to Fight COVID-19

While people scramble to adapt to new normals, here are stories of how our community is creatively working to keep everyone healthy.

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Mimeo Spotlight: Sharon Franke, Les Dames d’Escoffier NY

Mimeo interviewed Sharon Franke, President of the Les Dames d’Escoffier New York chapter, to discuss the importance of women in the restaurant field.

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4 Steps to Create An Effective Franchise Training Program

Proper training programs for franchisees ensure success in day-to-day operations. Check out these 4 steps from Mimeo to create franchisee training.

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What Smart Dining Trends Mean for Restaurant Training

Consumers are dining smarter. Learn 4 types of restaurant technology and its effects on operations and consumers.

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How Often Should Retailers Deliver Product Training?

The average consumer is more informed about products thanks to online reviews. Retail training is changing and can help increase engagement.

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How to Create Customer Service Culture To Keep Customers

Great customer service can make you stand out as the best choice among competitors. Learn best practices to create a strong customer service culture.

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How Instagram Marketing Changed the Restaurant Industry

From decorative interiors to food, learn how Instagram has impacted how restaurants market themselves to consumers and other businesses.

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How Humans Beat Robots in Retail Sales

Robots and automation continue to impact the retail world. Learn how adding a human touch can lead to superior customer service.

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The Death of the Minibar (and Other Hospitality Staples)

In this blog from Mimeo, learn why hotels are eliminating the minibar in order to keep up with competitors and travelers’ needs.

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5 Effective Ways to Welcome New Employees During Onboarding

Welcoming new employees in your onboarding strategy is key. Learn these 5 easy welcome tactics in your onboarding process.

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How to Design Better Printed Menus

Guests can get overwhelmed with too many menu items to choose from. Here are practical ways to create an easy dining experience with your menu design.

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Why Cloud-Based Printing Beats the Hotel Business Center

Frequent business travelers know the pain of waiting in the hotel business center. These hacks can help you avoid the business center altogether!

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Retail Training: The Right Content for In-Store Employees

Deliver engaging content and information for in-store retail training. We show you how in this article.

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Training Managers to Avoid 5 Common Hazards in Restaurants

Your restaurant atmosphere can greatly impact the guest experience. Here are 5 hazards of a busy restaurant and how to avoid them from reoccurring.

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How Retailers Can Improve Their Loss Prevention Strategy

Often, it costs very little to make a big difference to your bottom line in retail.

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