printed restaurant collateral
printed restaurant collateral

Print for Restaurants and Hospitality Brands

Provide your team with the sales, marketing, and training materials they need to represent your brand.

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Spend Less Time Printing

Don't let print projects take over your to-do list. With online, on-demand print from Mimeo, you'll save time and money on hard copy projects.

Save Time
With Online Print

From the office, at home, or on the road, manage all your print projects online. Upload your files, build a virtual proof, and place the order in minutes. With next-day delivery and no order minimums, you'll have higher quality print for less money and in less time than ever before.
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Save Admin Headaches
With Print Storefronts

Don't get bogged down administrating print to multiple brand locations and teams. Publish approved content to private print storefronts, set up budget approvals, and then let each unit order documents for themselves.

Save Money With A
One-Stop Shop Partner

Training documents? Marketing brochures? Branded SWAG? Event signage? Whatever you need, we can get it for you. Set up competitive pricing so that you can get everything you need without wasting hours on comparing project quotes.

Print For All Departments

Stop wasting time reinventing the wheel every time you have a new print project. Mimeo is the premier online printer for on-demand needs, including:

Employee Training

Print and ship essential training documents like handbooks, manuals, and evaluation forms to classrooms or remote learners.

Workstation Job Aids

Make sure employees know what they need to know in the moment they need to know it. With our waterproof, tear-proof paper, your job aids and posters will stand the test of time - and everything else back-of-house workstations put them through.

Customizable Menus

Stay flexible with seasonal menus and changing safety protocols. On-demand print is perfect for small-batch menu printing so that each month, week, or even day you can make sure your customers have up-to-date and sanitary menus.

Brand Marketing Collateral

Supply your teams with everything they need to rep your brand, including brochures, flyers, postcards, and branded SWAG.

Event Signage

Whether you are planning in-location pop-up events, storing up for wedding season, or heading to a tradeshow, we've got you covered with customizable banners, roll-up displays, step-and-repeats, and more.

Direct Mail Marketing

Stay in touch with your customers with direct mail marketing. We'll work with you to print, deliver, and track your direct mail projects so you can send menus, flyers, coupons, and event invites to old-fashioned inboxes.

“I focus more on core competencies, conducting additional on site training visits with the general managers of RA Sushi locations. That has more impact than standing in front of a printer.”

When RA Sushi switched to Mimeo for printing their employee training documents, the team cleared up time on their schedule to focus on more impactful tasks. Here's how.
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Mimeo Marketplace

Empower other people to do the ordering on their own timelines, while keeping control of brand content. Publish approved documents to private, custom storefronts. Approved users can then place orders based on when they need print, so you no longer need to anticipate when and where your documents should be. Best of all, you get on-demand reports of who ordered what.

Watch this video to learn more, or request a demo to see it in action!

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How Hyatt Replaced Their 3-Week Print Process With Mimeo

Hyatt's team used to spend three weeks trying to place print orders. Then they set up a Mimeo Marketplace. Now, it takes only 48 hours to order and deliver materials to hotel locations.
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