classroom materials
classroom materials

Online Printing for Schools

Stay flexible for your students with easier print and digital educational materials.

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Stay Flexible For Your Students

Support your remote students with more flexible educational materials, managed from wherever you are and delivered wherever they are.

Print and Deliver On-Demand

Manage physical educational materials from anywhere with an internet connection. Upload your content, customize with options like perforation and lamination, and order for delivery. We'll manage everything else: printing, collating, and delivering directly to each students' home.

Send Virtual Content Without Coding Skills

Upload your files as they are (PDF, mp4, Word, Excel, and others) along with a list of your students' email addresses. From there, we'll optimize your virtual content to be device-agnostic so your students can access it on whatever device they have available.
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Recreate the Classroom

Stand up a virtual classroom without headache. Plug in our award-winning video software partner to deliver your classes via unlimited audio, web and video links. Best of all, it requires only one click to join the classroom.

Send Your Students What They Need

Make sure your students have all the materials they need. With no order minimums, you can print a variety of materials and tailor them to each individual student. Even ship them straight to your students’ doors, as early as tomorrow morning.

Exercise books
Test documents
Graduation yard signs
School spirit SWAG
Videos, audio, and more

How Elite Academy Supports Remote Learners with Mimeo

Elite Academy supports homeschooled students who need curriculum materials delivered directly to their homes. Here's why they selected Mimeo as their partner.
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"Before Mimeo, my team wasted 5-10 hours per week managing print supplies. Switching to Mimeo saved us time, lowered prices, and increased revenue.”

How one educational summer camp leverages Mimeo to supply their students with all the materials they need for success.
Read the Case Study

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