Manufacturing Print Services On Demand

Your product is complex. Printing documentation to support it doesn’t have to be. Switch to on-demand print to save time, money, and headaches.

Do More With Simpler Print

Whether you are tasked with technical publications, training, or marketing, on-demand print will save you time, money, and headaches.

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Save Time with
On-Demand Print

Order exactly the right quantity of the right document, at the moment you need it. No matter whether you need one binder for a new customer or a thousand event brochures, we will print and deliver on your timeline.
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Empower Large
Selling Teams

Publish your content to a private storefront so your sellers always have access to up-to-date, brand-approved content.
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Scale with
Your Business

Stay flexible as business models change. We have the right platforms to grow your content to support channel networks, aftermarket support, and more.

On-Demand Print for Every Department

We’re the new team member for each department that needs simpler print. Here’s where Mimeo helps:

Employee and Customer Training Materials

Make sure your employees are up-to-date on OSHA rules and machinery handling with professional training manuals, workbooks, and job aids.

Technical Publication Documents

From spiral-bound documents to 3-ring binders, we can print and assemble your technical documents.

Manuals and Product Catalogs

Make a good impression with high-quality product catalogs delivered directly to each client, without staying up all night to make it happen.

Sales Literature

Get your brand in front of prospective customers with easy direct mail marketing. Whether you want to send out postcards, flyers, catalogs, or even custom boxes, we handle every aspect of the logistics to print and deliver your materials to your target customers.

RFP and Business Proposals

Take the anxiety out of your RFP response process. Upload your final files to our online builder, add customizations like tabs and brand-approved fonts, and order. As long as you submit by 10 pm ET, we guarantee next-morning delivery as early as 8:30 am local time.

Event Materials

Make a great impression at your company events with high-end brand content, including displays, banners, posters, and flyers.

“We check regularly to see how much we spent in print with Mimeo compared to what it would have been with our leased printer. Each month, we save 50% by using Mimeo. Honestly, switching to Mimeo is the best thing we ever did!”

Patricia Parker, Senior Marketing Analyst at WEG

“We offer a very high-end product, and our owner’s manuals are a reflection of that to our end-users. Mimeo has helped us raise the bar while saving us time and money!”

Maggie Reichel, Director of Marketing, Boreas Campers

“It would normally take me a full workday to put 10 binders consisting of over 70 documents together. With Mimeo, it takes less than an hour! And, amazingly enough, we’re saving money.”

Chris S., PACS RFP Manager, Siemens

“Before Mimeo, our team stood in front of the printers up to 30% of the time. Just because you can, doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Mimeo gave them back time in their lives.”

Dawn Apple, Senior Manager, North America Proposal Center, Motorola Solutions

A Print Solution That Empowers You

Making complex products simple to understand is a tough job. We’re here to make it easier on you once you’ve finished your content and need to get it in front of your audience. Here’s how our platform simplifies your life:

On-demand print so you can stop pre-printing and warehousing old documents
Overnight delivery so you can stay nimble as your business and products change
High-quality documents at a fraction of the cost when you replace your in-house printer with Mimeo as your preferred printer
Control brand consistency with the same print quality across your global network
Empower large seller networks without adding to your admin overhead with custom print storefronts
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How Siemens Saves Time and Money With Mimeo

When Siemens started printing RFPs with Mimeo, they saved 40-50% in hard costs and dozens of hours. Here's how.
Read the Case Study

Simpler Training and Technical Publications

Here's how training and technical publications use Mimeo to print smarter:

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Product Line Training

Create as many product-specific versions of documentation as you need so you can always supply your customers with the right document at the right time.
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Quickly Customize For Product Variations

Tailor each customer’s owner manual to match the unique options selected, without wasting hours rebuilding your project every time.
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Guarantee Up-To-Date Materials

Stop supplying outdated documents just because you still have them in the warehouse. Update your documents in minutes and order as few as one copy at a time to guarantee you always supply accurate content.
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Place One Order For Multiple Deliveries

Keep logistics simple by relying on Mimeo to deliver your documents. We'll ship overnight to offices, residences, and global locations, so that you don't have to do anything other than check tracking numbers.
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Delegate Ordering

Publish your content to a central storefront so that channel partners, regional departments, or even sales reps can order the content they need without bogging you down.

Control Spend Management

Specify ordering limits, budgets, shipping methods, account credit, and more. You have complete control over every order, from manuals to sales literature to master documents to catalogs.
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How Boreas Campers Uses Mimeo to Save Money and Improve Quality

Boreas Campers upgraded their customer owner manuals when they switched to Mimeo. Learn more from Maggie, their Director of Marketing, in this video.
Person ordering from custom Mimeo Marketplace Storefront on a tablet

Publish a Document to Marketplace

Start building your own company-branded Marketplace storefront. It couldn’t be easier to upload training manuals, sales literature, and marketing materials. Allow for an extensive selection of customizations via variable data printing, like contact information, images, and colors. Watch this video to see how it works.

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