Print for Oil and Gas Companies

Print training, marketing, and investor relations documents faster with Mimeo.

Print Smarter with On-Demand Print

Stop wasting time chasing quotes and waiting in production queues for your crucial print documents. Mimeo's online, on-demand print platform makes it easy to get the right documents at the right time for the right price.

Manage From Anywhere

In office, at home, or on the road, you are in complete control of your print from anywhere with an internet connection. Since we deliver overnight directly to your end users, you don't even need to be on the other end to receive the print to make sure it shows up at your training or event sites.

No Order Minimums

Stop jumping through hoops just to hit volume discounts. We offer the same per-unit price whether you need 1 copy or 1,000. That means you can stop ordering in bulk and start updating content as soon as safety or product regulations change.
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Built for Complexity

We're not here to fit your documents into templates. Customize your manuals, binders, presentations, and other documents to meet your needs exactly in our real-time virtual proof.

Print for Every Department

Your business is complex, which means your print needs are complex, too. We’re here to help every department get the documents they need in the moment they need it. Here are some of the ways oil and gas companies print with Mimeo:

Health, safety, and environmental manuals
Industrial processing manuals
Instrumentation and control manuals
Drilling technology guides
Maintenance guides
Job aids and certifications
Brochures, catalogs, and flyers
Business cards, stationery, and office supplies
Presentations, investor relations reports, and pitch decks
Event banners, displays, and branded merchandise
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How to Print with Mimeo

Printing with Mimeo is as simple as upload, build, and order. Watch this 2-minute video to see the platform in action.
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“There is no comparison to our previous process. The time savings are astronomical and the cost per document is significantly lower.”

Find out why Parker Drilling's safety training team relies on Mimeo for on-time, up-to-date training materials.
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“There is no comparison to our previous process. The time savings are astronomical and the cost per document is significantly lower.”

Glenn Jones, Director of Training

“I have literally stood on the tradeshow floor with my smartphone to place an emergency collateral order. Mimeo has saved me on two of my tradeshows already with last-minute print shipments!”

Patricia Parker, Senior Marketing Analyst

“Bar none, the Mimeo quality is far superior to our previous printing process… and far cheaper than we could ever do it ourselves.”

Debbie Q., Senior Associate of Corporate Development

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