Mimeo Supports School Delivering Personalized Curriculum  

In addition to relying distributing their educational materials, the school also trusts Mimeo for printing and delivering marketing materials.

In addition to relying distributing their educational materials, the school also trusts Mimeo for printing and delivering marketing materials.

New York, NY – Mimeo, the global provider of online managed print and content distribution, announces a continued partnership with Elite Academic Academy to print and deliver individualized curriculum that meets the highest standards to students’ homes.

Elite Academic Academy is a tuition-free charter school that provides a personalized learning experience for students residing in 8 counties in California, including Los Angeles and San Diego, who want to learn from the safety of their own homes. The school, which was founded in 2018, offers 3 types of programs—homeschool with parents as the primary teachers, virtual for independent learners, and flex that combines virtual and in-person study.

From the start, leadership at Elite Academic Academy knew that they would face a challenge—how to print and ship their curriculum, which is tailored to each individual student based on factors such as learning style and academic level. Meghan Freeman, the school’s CEO, started researching their options online, and she found and met with Mimeo. The rest is history.

In addition to relying on Mimeo to distribute their educational materials, the school also trusts the online platform for printing and delivering their marketing materials. Kiley Allen, Marketing Coordinator at Elite Academic Academy, remarked that, “I use Mimeo regularly for our flyers, postcards, and other print materials. Ever since I was introduced to Mimeo, my experience has been amazing. The customer service is really good, and the team has always been quick to answer my questions. It’s been a great working relationship, and we’re very happy with Mimeo as a partner.”

Mimeo is equally pleased to fulfill the needs of this unique school. Mike Barker, General Manager of Mimeo, commented that, “Supporting the school’s mission to provide superior education through high-quality content is at the core of what we do. We’ll continue to offer the best on-demand, affordable print to Elite Academic Academy and to other schools throughout the U.S.”

If your school district needs support providing students with print materials, visit mimeo.com/school-print to set up an account at reduced pricing and get started.

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