The Power of Branded Postcards at Events

When considering what kind of marketing materials to give out at events, don’t sleep on branded postcards. 

Published on 15 August, 2022 | Last modified on 27 April, 2023
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When considering what kind of marketing materials to give out at events, you might think the best way to get attention is with big flashy posters or in-depth brochures.

But don’t sleep on branded postcards. These seemingly small pieces of print can be a huge hit at your booth, in your SWAG bags, strewn across cocktail tables, or even just handed out when networking.

While they have typically been reserved for direct mail marketing campaigns, branded postcards can be an effective tool when you need a unique way to showcase your company at trade shows, conferences, and more. 

Instead of (or together with) printing advertising flyers and brochures, get branded postcards printed to share info about your brand, product, services, and more in an easily digestible way. Read on to learn about how powerful print marketing collateral like custom postcards can be for you at different events. 

Why You Should be Utilizing Postcards as Handheld Materials 

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It’s proven that direct mail can have a better ROI than digital advertising — and can be even higher when you combine the two. So when you’re designing your booth space at an event, it’s important to think about which printed materials to hand out that will complement your digital strategy. 

Custom postcard printing can help you create a stunning, yet straightforward, way to promote your brand. Print postcards are high-impact, affordable, and even measurable. By handing them out at your next event alongside your other corporate merch, potential customers can quickly digest your selling points and decide if your product is right for them.

Plus, printing postcards cost less than larger print marketing materials like brochures, flyers, and more.

How to Creatively Leverage Postcards at Events


There are a number of ways to showcase your brand with a postcard at an event, without having to address and mail them to thousands of people. 

Instead of printing flyers and brochures, include bite-sized information to reel your audience in on a print postcard. Space is limited, especially if you use small postcard-size prints, so you need to be straight to the point. What is your biggest selling point for this audience? Don’t waste precious postcard space on content that won’t move the needle. 

And don’t forget to include your contact information!

One unique way to get more information to your audience without taking up precious postcard space is to use a QR code. Send your customers a workbook, or a video, or directly to your website to sign up. Just because print postcards have a smaller amount of space than a brochure, doesn’t mean you can’t give people something meaningful to take home. 

Tips for Printing Branded Postcards Fast

You can get high-quality branded postcards printed online and shipped overnight if you choose postcard printing services that print on demand. 

Factors that are important when building custom postcards online are ease of use, fast turnaround, postcard printing options like paper weight, and even choosing an online print company that uses sustainable printing materials. 

Online printing company Mimeo can help you print custom postcards to wow your audience at an event as soon as the next morning. If you’re attending a last-minute conference, overnight printing can be the difference between reeling in new clients or not. Super short on time? Print online and ship postcards directly to the venue. 

High-quality postcard printing doesn’t need to be stressful, and by choosing the right online print partner, you can create and deliver print postcards to stand out at any event. 

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