Pros and Cons of Digital Content Delivery

Content can be distributed to learners in a multitude of ways, each coming with its own benefits and issues that need to be considered.

Published on 15 August, 2022 | Last modified on 6 March, 2023
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If you’re in charge of new employee training at your job, you own a training consultancy, or even if you have a one-off curriculum that needs to be shared with learners, you’ve likely considered using a digital content distribution platform to handle your digital content delivery. 

The reality is that no digital training experience is perfect for everyone, but it might be able to meet your needs as you are actively distributing digital content. 

Here are some of the pros of digital content delivery, as well as the cons — and what you can do to mitigate those negatives to make your digital learner experience more effective for digital learners.  

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Pros of Digital Content Delivery

Space Saving

Maybe the most obvious pro of using digital content distribution services is that it takes up no space in your office, in a warehouse, or on the desks of your digital learners. Without binders, stacks of paper, or notepads, the clutter-free use of a digital learning environment is clear. Plus, no having to keep inventory in a warehouse!

Easy to Learn On the Go

An advantage of digital learning is giving your learners the ability to tune in or study anywhere they can bring their phone or laptop. Without having to carry around a training manual, digital learners are able keep up with your digital content from almost anywhere.

Search Capabilities 

When utilizing a digital content distribution software to manage your training, digital learners are able to take advantage of its digital capabilities — such as searching for information within the platform. Looking for a keyword or training section in a paper manual just isn’t as easy. 

Confidentiality and Security 

Don’t let the wrong people get a hold of your training materials. A digital learning platform allows you to create an access control system for digital content distribution, only allowing registered users to see your content. 

Infinite Scaling Ability 

Your digital content delivery strategy can scale much more quickly than if you were to depend solely on printed materials for your training. New learners can quickly be added to a digital program and have immediate access to your content, instead of waiting days or weeks to have manuals printed and shipped to them. 

Free Delivery 

Printing manuals and shipping them across the country (or world) gets expensive fast. Once you’ve created an online library of content, you can keep your content organized and distributed on digital platforms and get it in front of your learners for free. 

Cons of Digital Content Delivery (and Solutions for Them)

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Lack of Access When Without Internet

When the power goes out, your digital learning platform goes with it. Remote learners won’t have access to videos, presentations, or documents without the internet — unless you use a digital learning tool that allows for offline access, like Mimeo Digital.

Harder to Digest than Print Materials 

Digital overload is a real problem, and between all of the social media, ads, and emails, a remote learner’s ability to digest more digital content dwindles. 

One solution for these digital issues is to give learners the ability to have both digital and print documents at their disposal. The Mimeo Digital platform includes a library where students can access all of your training materials online, as well as a marketplace where they can order your documents printed and delivered on demand. It’s the best of both worlds. 

Lower Perceived Value 

Digital products aren’t tangible, and can sometimes have a lower perceived value. For example, many people won’t pay $4.99 to download an exercise app, but they’re more than willing to pay upwards of $50 a month for a gym membership. 

In order to combat this issue, using a professional digital content distribution platform for your training can improve the perceived value of your content among learners. 

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