Printing Outsourcing Saved These Companies Time, Money, and Stress

The DIY method for printing isn’t always the best way to save money for your company. Here’s how 2 companies outsourced print projects and reduced internal costs and stress.

Published on 29 August, 2022 | Last modified on 6 March, 2023
outsourcing print to save money

When considering ways to cut costs and save time for your business, it might seem that keeping everything in house will be your answer. You would assume that doing all of your proofing, printing, and shipping to your customers around the country (or even the world) would be the cheaper option.

But the DIY method isn’t always the best solution for companies, especially when it comes to printing beyond the daily memo or a one-off presentation for upper management.

Instead, by choosing a print partner for printing outsourcing services, you can reduce the need to pay for warehouse space for print marketing collateral, cut down on waste entirely, and save your team the sometimes days worth of time spent in front of a printer every month.

Don’t just take our word for it — here are just a couple of Mimeo printing outsourcing customers who saw an impressive difference in their budget and productivity when they took “printing” off of their own employee’s job descriptions.

Nabors Industries Printing Outsourcing Improved Presentation Quality

nabors industries printing outsourcing with Mimeo

Nabors Industries, one of the largest drilling contractors in the world, depends on superior quality investor presentations to manage their brand identity among the investor community.
Their Corporate Development Team was building and printing colorful documents for their executive team to present, but falling behind due to the unpredictability of their inhouse printers and the time consuming process overall.

Debbie Q., a senior associate on the team, knew it was time to make a switch, and by partnering with Mimeo to outsource printing, they were able to improve their print presentations and save money.

“We get much more professional-looking documents that are bound with twin-loop wire and an impressive clear matte cover. And the quality of the color printing – which is so important for us – is amazing.”

Now, the corporate development team can upload, assemble, proof and print their presentations on up until 10pm ET the night before it’s due and have it delivered by 8:30am.

“Bar none, the Mimeo quality is far superior to our previous printing process… and far cheaper than we could ever do it ourselves.” – Debbie Q., Senior Associate of Corporate Development.

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Barnes & Conti Saved Time and Decreased Costs on Global Distribution

Barnes & Conti printing outsourcing with Mimeo

Barnes & Conti provides leadership development critical to navigating today’s complex and competitive global business environment. They work with customers to build the capabilities essential for influencing, decision-making, innovating, and managing change.

But as the company grew and the industry expanded, the logistics of global printing and shipping became stressful, time-consuming, and expensive.

One major problem was dealing with customs — including the extra costs being incurred. So when Elaine Turcotte and Dineen Digiacomo from Barnes & Conti’s Account Coordination Team outsourced printing and mailing services to Mimeo, the result was immediate.

“We don’t have to worry about filling out all the paperwork and our clients don’t have to get involved with any duty charges that may be associated with accepting packages.”

By using Mimeo’s online tools to build and deliver training curriculum to clients around the world, the team nearly eliminated the stress behind domestic and international shipments.

Other impressive results from on demand printing outsourcing included the high quality predictability of print products, a simplified process that saved their team time, and decreased printing costs.
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