Reliable Direct Mail Services for Your Business

Take your direct mail marketing into the 21st century with fast, on-demand print and easy delivery tracking. Customize your postcards, newsletters, catalogs, or employee communications for next-day printing. Sit back and watch as your content is delivered to your audience.

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Direct Mail on Your Timeline

Deploy a direct marketing campaign without waiting six weeks to produce and post your content. Customize your communications, whether you’re sending postcards to consumers in relevant ZIP codes, targeting buyers in strategic accounts with case study packages, or sending employees open enrollment forms. Print in small batches or in bulk, depending on your project, and then sit back and watch them deliver.

On-demand direct mail is perfect when you need:
Fast turn campaigns for time-sensitive promotions or ripped-from-the-headlines communications
Small batch mailings
Print customized to your brand standards

Custom Direct Mail Campaigns

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High-Quality Print

Customize your print with premium paper stocks, color printing, and professional binding
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Proof in Real Time

Cut down on project time with real-time virtual proofs
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Global Delivery

Send and track your campaign to residential or commercial addresses
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Custom Print in Minutes

Create the perfect direct mail campaign with Mimeo's real-time virtual builder. Watch this video for a quick demo!

Direct Mail that Wows

When to Send Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct marketing is a great option when you are trying to break through digital noise, whether you’re announcing a retail promotion, targeting your ABM buyers, or communicating with employees or association members. 

Print that People Notice

Your amazing graphic design means nothing if your direct mail is printed with color streaking or misaligned folding. Mimeo guarantees high-quality print delivered on-time, no matter where in the world you need it. That includes premium paper stocks, custom sizing, full-color printing, and more.

Stress-Free Direct Mail Services

Order your direct mail on your timeline. We’ll print as fast as overnight so you can get direct mail campaigns in the postal service within days, not weeks or months.

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Tips for Direct Mail Campaigns

We’ve learned a thing or two about sending campaigns in the last 20+ years. Here are the tips we recommend for planning direct mail that grabs attention:

Be Creative

Direct mail isn’t just for postcards or letters. Send catalogs of services, booklets featuring your research or customer stories, or even event invitations.

Paper Stock Matters

Grab attention in physical inboxes with direct mail pieces that literally feel good. Your audience will be so intrigued by the premium paper stocks that they won’t want to put your mail piece down.

Use Color Strategically

If you’re sending a leaflet or catalog, color captures attention, but it doesn’t need to break your bank. Upgrade your covers and pages with illustrations or graphics to color, then leave the rest of your document in black and white.

Don’t Forget to Track

We’ll help you track mail piece delivery, but don’t forget to add personalized URLs or QR codes to track the effectiveness of your campaign. That way, you can show your boss a definitive ROI for each project.

Combine Direct Mail with Other Print

Mimeo is your one-stop shop for print needs, including:
2 colorful brochures, one closed and one open to show the content inside


custom printed sweatshirt

Promotional Products

Catalog printing by mimeo's print platform


2 colorful print flyers


3 colorful postcards, stacked


newsletter printing


A colorful print poster

Posters and Banners

Custom business card print

Business Cards

The Mimeo Process

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    Set Your Business Goals

  • Get a Demo + Samples

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    Set Up Your Custom Solution

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    Place Your First Order

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    Improve, Nurture, and Support

Partners for More Than One Project

Set your team up for success with a print partner who is here for the long term.

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5,561,495 Documents
Delivered and Counting

We've been printing and delivering business documents for 20+ years, so we know a thing or two about long-term relationships
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Global Delivery

Whether your documents are going to Tennessee or Timbuktu, we guarantee the same quality of print at budget-friendly prices

Costs and Uncertainty

No order minimums means you can order the exact number of products you need today, rather than guessing at how many you'll use over the year
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Committed to
Protecting Your Privacy

Your security is our top priority, which is why Fortune 1000 companies trust us with their data and documents
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Print with
Sustainability in Mind

We're committed to sustainable printing and shipping so that you don't have to worry about it
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Customer Support Team

No matter how small your questions, our award-winning, US-based 24/7/365 customer support is here to help

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about print booklets with answers from our expert team.

Talk To An Expert

Direct mail or Advertising mail is a marketing technique that involves sending physical promotional materials such as letters, postcards, flyers, or catalogs to a targeted audience via postal mail. The purpose of direct mail is to generate leads, promote products or services, and drive sales by delivering a message directly to the recipient’s mailbox. Direct mail campaigns are often highly targeted and personalized to increase the likelihood of response and conversion. Direct mail can be used in both B2C and B2B marketing and can be combined with digital marketing tactics for a more comprehensive and effective marketing strategy.

Targeted advertising allows marketers to reach a specific audience based on demographics, location, interests, or purchasing behavior, making it a highly effective medium. It has been shown to have a higher response rate compared to other channels such as email or social media. Providing a tangible, physical piece that can increase engagement and retention, customized and personalized messages, and consistent branding across touchpoints can increase brand awareness and recognition. It is also cost-effective, with a measurable return on investment, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

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