How Print Fits Into Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) challenges marketers to grab the attention of a few key accounts, and utilizing print marketing is a great way to do it.

Published on 31 August, 2019 | Last modified on 26 April, 2023
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Account-Based Marketing (ABM) challenges marketers to grab the attention of a few key accounts, and print is a great way to do that.

ABM is exactly how it sounds: targeted marketing and sales tactics that are tailored to a specific (and often high-value) account. Personalized campaigns like this have been taking the tech world by storm. After all, ABM positively impacts ROI and lowers the amount of marketing and sales resources that need to be used, among other benefits.

With all the noise buzzing in tech, it’s important to be able to have your company stand out. Unlike in the digital sphere, where users are inundated with various messaging from push notifications, messages, and other apps, the vast majority of print readers spend their time-consuming one piece of media at a time.

Print has been branded as “old-school,” but in today’s world, it’s just what’s necessary to cut through the distractions that plague consumers. Marketers should leverage these “old-school” tactics when it comes to their ABM.

3 Ways to Leverage Print Marketing for Your ABM

Print Marketing ABM Direct Mail

Account-Based Marketing Tool #1: Direct Mail

Sending direct mail to key contacts is another way print fits into ABM. Unlike some direct mail that feels like spam, ABM direct mail is highly personalized to the key contact you’re sending it to. This goes beyond just including the receiver’s name; it contains imagery, colors, and messaging on the card. Many companies leverage Variable Data Printing (VDP) as an easy way to quickly achieve this kind of large-scale personalization.

Print Marketing ABM Trade Shows

Account-Based Marketing Tool #2: Trade Shows

Although many trade shows have gone virtual, an online event is still a great opportunity to try an ABM strategy. Mailing out print collateral with Promotional Products is a fantastic way for those who visited your booth to revisit your company information after the event is over. It’s easier than you think, too. For example, you could drop ship a flyer within a branded water bottle, give customers a copy of your catalog, or send tote bags with different flyers inside.

Print Marketing ABM Custom Events, account-based marketing

Account-Based Marketing Tool #3: Custom Events

Custom dinners or events, which will start up again at some point, are an example of an opportunity to leverage print marketing. Potential customers that attend these are looking for attentiveness and a great experience. Part of that experience includes the personalized follow-up that print provides. For example, provide leave-behinds with information about your company. These should be personalized to the attendee’s pain points and include helpful follow-up information, such as their contact’s name and email and/or phone number. Just as with trade shows, an attendee will be able to keep this item and refer to it to understand how your company helps them, even after the event is over.

As your focus moves to catch the attention of more contacts in fewer accounts, think about creative ways to use print to get in front of your prospects. With the high emphasis on technology that we have currently, it’s important not to forget about the benefits of print. It’s a concrete way to cut through the millions of distractions in cyberspace.

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Don’t Rule Out Print For Your Account-Based Marketing

Utilizing print can be a powerful tool to help your brand stand out among all of the digital noise. Mimeo can help you be more efficient, both in your budget and with your team’s team, to bring your printed sales and marketing materials to life. Connect with one of our print experts to learn more.

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