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The SWAG B2B Buyers Actually Want (According to Our Survey)

Mimeo asked B2B buyers what kind of SWAG they actually want to get at trade shows, sales meetings, training classes, and more. Here are the results.

Published on 10 February, 2020 | Last modified on 5 March, 2023
SWAG b2b buyers want

When you’re giving a gift, sometimes it’s best to ask the recipient what they actually want. That’s why we surveyed our customers on what kind of SWAG they want to receive.

About the SWAG Survey

We asked 125 business professionals what kind of branded merchandise they would be excited to receive. There were two categories: small items you might receive at a trade show, in a training class, or as a token gift; and bigger budget items for leave-behinds or client gifts.

Using items from Mimeo’s branded item catalog, we provided 6 options for the smaller handouts and 7 options for the bigger budget items.

The SWAG Winners

We offered up some interesting SWAG choices in the survey. The marketing team was pulling for the more unique ideas, like the branded teddy bear and promotional bamboo cutting board.

However, it turns out that B2B buyers are most excited about practical gifts. When it comes to trade show promotional items or small gifts, our customers voted for the RFID Phone Wallet with Ring with the Universal Car Adapter in a close second.

Trade Show Promo Item Winner: RFID Phone Wallet with Ring

As for the big client leave-behind? The pragmatic Eastman Tritan Water Bottle won with 29% of the votes, followed by the Bluetooth Earbuds at 28%. Everything else clocked in with less than 10% of the vote.

Leave-Behind Gift Winner: Eastman Tritan Water Bottle

What would you be most excited to receive at a tradeshow, in a training class, or as a small gift?

  1. RFID Phone Wallet with Ring (29%)
  2. Universal Car Adapter (28%)
  3. Flip Top Candy Dispensers with M&Ms (23%)
  4. Rubik’s 9 Panel Full-Stock Cube (10%)
  5. 6” Big Paw Bear (9%)

What would you be most excited to receive as a leave-behind after a meeting or as a client gift?

  1. Eastman Tritan Copolyester Water Bottle (29%)
  2. Bluetooth Earbuds (28%)
  3. Hemingway Journal Notebook (10%)
  4. Bamboo Cutting Board (9%)
  5. Cotton Canvas Grocery Bag (8%)
  6. Office Buddy Cube (8%)
  7. 3-Piece Gift Stress Relief Tube with Popcorn (7.5%)

SWAG’s Biggest Loser

If there’s one conclusion we can draw, it’s that B2B buyers do not want your branded sunglasses. The LensTek Sunglasses came in last place with 0 votes.

How to Order Your Own SWAG

Branded promotional items are an important part of B2B marketing, whether it is to build brand awareness at an expo or strengthen relationships with your clients.

If you like these ideas or want to order other items from Mimeo’s catalog, schedule 15 minutes to brainstorm with one of our representatives or reach out to your account manager.

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