[Template Download] Measuring Success of Your Direct Mail Campaign

Want to measure the ROI of your direct mail campaign? This downloadable template makes measuring direct mail performance easy.

Published on 26 July, 2021 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
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Whether you use direct mail campaigns to reach new customers or stay in touch with your employees, you must measure whether it successfully met your goals. Grab our free, easy-to-use template to get started.

Direct mail is a fantastic channel for connecting with people. Since it doesn’t come with fancy analytics suites like digital ads or email automation programs, it can get tricky to produce accurate reports about its success. You need to track how many contacts were reached, what kind of response rate you achieved, whether your goals were met, and ROI. That is why we created this template – so that you can show your boss exactly how amazing you and your direct mail program are.

Easy-to-use Direct Mail Campaign Tracker Template

No fancy software required. When you download this tracker, all you need to do is plug in your data surrounding the direct mail campaign. The spreadsheet will automatically update to display your key performance indicators, including your goal measurables, your response rate, and your return-on-investment. Use it in Google Sheets, Excel, or your favorite spreadsheet software.

Customize Based On Your Campaign Goals

Every direct mail campaign is different, so we designed a template you can customize to meet your needs. Is your goal to generate new leads? Reach every single employee in the company? Generate buzz around a certain hashtag? Whatever it is, write it into this template. Then, customize each key performance indicator so that it reflects the statistics you and your organization care about. The formulas will then update to spit out your measurables, results, and ROI.

Prove Your Success To Your Execs

This template is easy to share – and easy for anyone to digest. After inputting your granular data about delivery and goal measurements, the template provides an overview dashboard. That way, even execs who have barely heard of the project understand what you did, why, and how it performed. Share it as a spreadsheet or PDF, via email, shared drive, or even in a print-out. Get ready for the kudos.

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