Transitioning to Blended L&D Content

Learn why blended learning is more beneficial than either traditional or digital learning alone in this free ebook for L&D and training professionals.

Free Ebook: Transitioning to Blended L&D Content

Download this ebook, Transitioning to Blended Learning and Development Content, for your complete guide to transitioning from a purely print-based corporate learning program to courses that offer learners print and digital materials at the same time.

Many learning and development teams are being asked to add virtual training components to their programs. For some teams, this is mandated from the top in an effort to cut costs. For others, the need for blended content is driven by audience demand, as more remote workers and millennials participate in training programs.

No matter the reason, it is not a simple task to figure out which parts of learning and development should be virtual or how to implement a digital strategy. This is especially true when you are a department of 5 L&D professionals training hundreds of learners every year. That is why Mimeo sat down to do some research on the industry and have conversations with our customers to produce this guide on where to start.

This ebook is designed to focus on one crucial element of your blended learning strategy: delivering digital content to your learners. We begin by breaking down why it is beneficial and then explore how to create a winning digital strategy.

Share this book with your team to learn:

  • Why you should go digital
  • How to blend print and digital content
  • Tips for defining digital goals
  • Why you need a dedicated distribution system
  • How to evaluate digital content management solutions
  • Next steps

Not only will you learn why it is important to blend your learning and development content, but you will also walk away with a new set of tools for evaluating which pieces of content should be digital, how much of your program should be virtual, and how to evaluate the many technology providers out there.

Download this ebook now!


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