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Keep Calm and Carry On with Artificial Intelligence

If you are a corporate training department of 1, what does artificial intelligence mean for your day-to-day? Erin Peterschick (Aballant Learning Innovation) joins us to consider that question. We discuss: Why AI is frightening, and how you can manage your reaction to it Where AI can help a training team of 1 do more How […]

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Tech Stack

Jake Dunlap, CEO of Skaled Consulting, joins us to talk about the sales tech stack. How has it changed in the last ten years? How much do sales leaders need to master each tool? What does a good shopping and implementation process look like? Plus, Jake gives sales leaders a crash course on how to […]

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How AI Helps L&D Scale

To kick off our investigation on what generative AI means for corporate L&D, we speak to Sourabh Bajaj, CTO at Uplimit. With a career at Coursera and Google, Sourabh has been at the forefront of digital learning and artificial intelligence. Now, Uplimit is using AI to change the game and scale courses for thousands of […]

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Stop Telling Stories and Start Making Your Business Case

Timur Hicyilmaz (co-founder, Insight Revenue) joins us to talk about why it is time to stop focusing on storytelling and start making your business case in order to reach your quota. Timur shares his perspective as a researcher of B2B sales with ideas for: Why so many sales teams are struggling to hit quota these […]

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The Unfortunate Reality of Layoffs

Barb Huelskamp joins Mike to discuss the unfortunate reality of layoffs. It’s no secret that the last year has seen huge numbers of layoffs, particularly in the sales and marketing space. As someone who has laid people off, been laid off, and been left behind, Barb has a unique and empathetic perspective on this topic […]

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Conversion Rates, Attribution, and Making Decisions in Uncertain Times

Eric Quanstrom (CMO of Cience and host of The Enterprise Sales Development Podcast) joins us to discuss conversion rates and how to approach them in changing times. Tune in to hear: Why conversion rates are a useful KPI – but not always king Why not every sales and marketing initiative can be measured Common mistakes […]

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Artificial Intelligence in Mimeo Digital: A Conversation with David Uyttendaele

In this bonus episode, Tom sits down with Mimeo’s Chief Technology Officer, David Uyttendaele, to talk about artificial intelligence in training. In particular, they discuss MICA, Mimeo’s forthcoming AI tutor assistant. Tune in to hear: Why Mimeo is investing in AI for Mimeo Digital, our content distribution platform (CDP) How David sees MICA evolving as […]

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Artificial Intelligence for Sales Leaders and Trainers

Sandler Training’s VP of Community Engagement Mike Montague joins us to discuss how AI is changing sales leadership and sales training. We discuss: How sales leaders and trainers are already using AI Where AI is going to develop in the next few months Why sales people and sales trainers aren’t going anywhere, even with AI […]

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Grow Your Sales Team With Better Training

Rachel Green (Playground) is a sales leader who has worked both as an SDR and a sales trainer. Now, she joins our podcast to share her view of why sales training matters at all points of a rep’s career – and how it is a win-win for the rep and your business alike. Tune in […]

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The One Where We Went to ATD ICE

Whether you spent the week in San Diego or missed ATD ICE 2023 entirely, catch up with this 15-minute episode straight from the expo floor! We interviewed real-life attendees plus Secret Society of Success member/speaker JD Dillon to find out what they were learning at the conference. Tune in to hear: Which sessions were their […]

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What We Can Learn from User Personas?

For our final episode, we’re talking to VP Service Design Lead Lexi Malouta (JP Morgan Chase) about what user personas are and what L&D leaders can learn from them. Lexi shares how user personas are researched, which is very similar to the classic learner persona. She also peels back the curtain to show how user […]

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Tradeshow Success for Exhibitors: What Sales and Marketers Should Know

Nicole Bowman, MBA, CEM, VP of Marketing and Communication at the International Association of Exhibitions and Events, joins us to talk tradeshows. She shares stats from their economists on the state of the tradeshow industry, plus common mistakes exhibitiors should avoid. Plus, she answers questions like: Do you need to spend big money on a […]

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