Learning & Development Teams

Learning and development is more complex than ever. Your training content doesn’t have to be. Print, ship, and digitally distribute training content with Mimeo.

Training Content Made Simple

Stay flexible in a changing corporate learning environment. Trust Mimeo as your one-stop shop for distributing print and digital content directly to your learners.

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Hybrid Content
For Hybrid Classrooms

Stay flexible for your learners without losing sleep converting content. Print and ship workbooks directly to learner residences, offer digital content on a secure mobile app, or let your learners choose their format.
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Your Project,
Your Timeline

Your project is our priority, whether you need it in two weeks or tomorrow morning. Build, proof, and order your print online and ship it to any location - including learner residences and global offices.

Manage Content
From Anywhere

In office, at home, or on the road. As long as you have internet access, you have complete control over your print and digital content.
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Updated Content

Make sure your facilitators and learners are armed with up-to-date information. With on-demand print, purchase exactly the documents you need at exactly the right time. With digital content, upload the new file and hit "update."

Save Money
With Smarter Print

Switch to on-demand print to save money (and time). With no order minimums and budget-friendly shipping options, you'll never have to compare print project quotes again.
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Share To
Any Device

Securely deliver your training documents in any format, from PDF to video to worksheets. Send to any digital device, anywhere.

Plug Content Into Your Learning Ecosystem

Stay flexible with a partner that handles all your training content logistics. Here’s how Mimeo plugs into your learning ecosystem:

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Physical Training Materials

Manage your training manuals, workbooks, reference sheets, job aids, and all other hard copy learning materials with on-demand print. Upload, build, and order with next-day delivery to global offices and learner residences.

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Digital Training Assets

No SCORM or HTML knowledge needed. Upload your existing videos, PDFs, forms, and documents. We'll automatically optimize them to be device agnostic.

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Classroom Supplies

Say goodbye to supply closets. Store your markers, pens, notebooks, and other training supplies in our warehouse to ship alongside your print materials. We'll even deliver to your learners' residences if they are participating from home.

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Custom Storefront

Empower facilitators, channel partners, and even employees to order your content on their own time. Publish print, digital, and warehouse items to your custom storefront. You'll manage the content, and we'll manage fulfilling orders.

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How Kindred Healthcare Saved $75k In Printing Costs With Mimeo

When Kindred Healthcare switched to on-demand print with Mimeo, they streamlined their print process and saved $75k in hard costs in the first year alone. Find out how in this case study.
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Three Platforms To Support Your Learning

Corporate learning and development has evolved since 1998, and so has Mimeo. Since revolutionizing the print space 20+ years ago, we have stayed in lock-step with what you need to get training content in front of your learners. Learn more about the three Mimeo platforms that empower hundreds of L&D teams:

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How Total Wine Revolutionized Their Training Content With Mimeo

Total Wine combines Mimeo Print and Mimeo Marketplace to power new hire and management training at 225 national retail locations. Find out how.
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Partners for Your Team

Set your team up for success with a print partner who is here for the long term.

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5,561,495 Documents Delivered and Counting

We've been printing and delivering business documents for 20+ years, so we know a thing or two about long-term relationships
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Global Delivery

Whether your documents are going to Tennessee or Timbuktu, we guarantee the same quality of print at budget-friendly prices

Reduce Costs
and Uncertainty

No order minimums means you can order the exact number of products you need today, rather than guessing at how many you'll use over the year
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Committed to
Protecting Your Privacy

Your security is our top priority, which is why Fortune 1000 companies trust us with their data and documents
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Print with
Sustainability in Mind

We're committed to sustainable printing and shipping so that you don't have to worry about it
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5-Star Customer
Support Team

No matter how small your questions, our award-winning, US-based 24/7/365 customer support is here to help

“In our first year, we saved $75k in hard costs transitioning to Mimeo; and that’s just hard costs! Which doesn’t take into account our trainer’s time, or the fact that the business is so happy with us because we now respond instantly.”


“We’ve shaved weeks off production, have manuals next day, and end up with better looking documents than before.”

James A., Senior Training Coordinator, Sage Software

“Before, whatever amount of time I had available for updating content, I had to use it to chase down our printer. Now I can dedicate those hours towards improving our learning paths in a more meaningful way, from gamification to new hands-on training exercises.”


“There is no comparison to our previous process. The time savings are astronomical and the cost per document is significantly lower.”

Glenn Jones, Director of Training, Parker Drilling

No other vendor can fulfill all of our needs like Mimeo.com.”

MaKeva M., Operations Manager, Blackbaud

“I focus more on core competencies, conducting additional on site training visits with the general managers of RA Sushi locations. That has more impact than standing in front of a printer.”

Mandi Janezeck, Director of Training & Development

What a Partnership Looks Like

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    Share Your Goals

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    Get a Demo + Samples

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    Plug In Your Docs

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    Place a Pilot Order

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    Rejoice, Repeat, and Grow

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