Case Study – Total Wine

When Total Wine realized they were missing opportunities to update content because the print process took too long, they decided it was time to switch to Mimeo to save time and headaches.

Total Wine is America’s largest independent retailer of fine wine. With 225 locations across 25 states and 600+ employees in the corporate headquarters, the training team is committed to delivering the best content possible for each training session. That includes a blend of audio, visual, and kinesthetic-oriented materials. When they realized they were missing opportunities to update content because the print process took too long, they decided it was time to switch to Mimeo to save time and headaches. Here is their story:across the United States on a moment’s notice.

What Total Wine Prints

James McAuley, Manager of Training at Total Wine, is responsible for providing materials for new hire and management training across the company’s 225 locations and corporate office. That includes facilitator guides, job binders, and in-store job aids, all of which require frequent updates to keep up with the industry. James’s goal is to deliver the best content possible, so it must be up-to-date and optimized for learning transfer. 

“In my old process, it took 2-3 weeks to update a piece of training material, which sometimes meant those updates didn’t get made.”

James McAuley, Manager of Training at Total Wine

Before Mimeo

For two years, James worked with a print company that provided him with a Total Wine private storefront and handled the printing and shipping to each location. While this was a great experience for the trainers at each store, the back-end experience left a lot to be desired. Each time James wanted to update to any piece of material, he had to reach out to the vendor directly, send detailed instructions, refer back to old proofs, and even trade emails about page numbers. 

By the end of 2020, James determined the process needed improvement.

Total Wines Challenges Chart

How Mimeo Improved Total Wine’s Process

James reached out to Mimeo to see if we could meet his two needs: retain a private storefront from which each location can order their content, and make it easy for the corporate training team to make updates. We onboarded him to our Mimeo Print + Mimeo Marketplace solution, and now he makes updates in a matter of minutes.

Mimeo Marketplace Keeps Logistics Simple

Since the corporate training team has to support 225 retail locations, their new print partner needed to offer a private storefront from which each location can order materials for their classes. By switching to Mimeo Marketplace, James kept this functionality in place. When a store organizes a training session, they log into the secure Total Wine Marketplace, order the content they need, and Mimeo ships it directly to their location. On top of that, James’s team can manage the storefront’s categories, content, budget, and even who has access to it – all from his back-end login.

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Mimeo Print Makes Updates Easy

Behind the scenes of the Marketplace, James uses Mimeo Print to build and publish his documents. Using the real-time proof, he uploads final files, selects finish settings such as paper stock and binding type, and then he publishes them directly for purchase from the Marketplace. When he needs to make updates, he can swap out individual pages, a whole file, or build a new document – all within the span of a few minutes. 

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The Results: A More Efficient Training Team

Now that James prints with Mimeo, his print process is simplified to a custom storefront and a self-service back-end that allows him to make updates to his content as often as he needs. Since he no longer needs to spend 2-3 weeks swapping emails with the vendor about updates, James can turn his focus on delivering the best content possible to the Total Wine family.

“Before, whatever amount of time I had available for updating content, I had to use it to chase down our printer,” McAuley said. “Now I can dedicate those hours towards improving our learning paths in a more meaningful way, from gamification to new hands-on training exercises.”

“Mimeo Marketplace is the Mercedes Benz of custom print storefronts.”

James McAuley, Manager of Training at Total Wine

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