Workbook: Rethink Your Hybrid Learning for the New Normal

Download Mimeo’s free workbook, Rethink Your Hybrid Learning for the New Normal, to learn from experts about hybrid L&D solutions.

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Building upon our 30 years working with training professionals, we distilled advice from industry experts to create a helpful workbook full of exercises and insights to help you rethink your hybrid learning approach.

We have compiled our experts’ opinions in this workbook to help you reset and redesign your hybrid learning in order to stay agile.

If you are a learning leader or contributor looking for a little structure to frame your conversations about how to deliver training to your learners, this workbook is for you!

Download the free workbook, Rethink Your Hybrid Learning for the New Normal, to learn:

  • How to define hybrid learning for your organization
  • Ways to get to know your learners
  • Strategies to match your learning delivery to your learning objectives

Download it now!

Download this ebook now!


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