More than Print: When Drop-Shipping a Kit Means More

Here, we share four of the most impactful drop-shipping kits we have sent out on behalf of our customers, so you can steal their ideas!

Published on 6 May, 2021 | Last modified on 24 February, 2023
Employee opening gift package

Sometimes, even the most beautiful on-demand print is not enough to make the impact you desire. When it comes to welcoming new employees, celebrating customers, or building relationships, you may need to do more than send informational documents. A binder, brochure, or even a whole shipment of manuals will not grab your recipient’s attention as much as a well-designed, kitted package.

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What is a drop-shipped kit?

A drop-shipped kit is pretty simple: it is a package including an assortment of materials that is shipped directly to your recipient. When building kits through Mimeo, you can include several printed documents shrink-wrapped together, branded merchandise and office supplies, or a combination. You may also choose to use standard packaging or to order white-label packages using your brand aesthetic. 

When to use a drop-shipped kit?

There are lots of reasons to build a kit rather than simply ordering printed documents. For one thing, you may want every recipient to receive a certain quantity of documents in a specific order. For another, you may want to send physical materials along with your print. Here, we share four of the most impactful kits we have sent out on behalf of our customers, so you can steal their ideas!

1. Employee Gifts

Employee opening gift package

Whether you are welcoming a group of new hires or sending out annual gifts, making a good impression with your own employees is paramount. It is also an opportunity to highlight important company information, such as office opening announcements, benefits enrollment periods, or other all-staff materials. 

Our customers have used kitting to send gifts such as:

  • Branded mugs kitted with tea bags
  • Beach towels with your logo
  • Branded backpacks pre-stuffed with company notebook, pens, and water bottles

2. Training Program Certificates

Millennials aren’t the only humans who like a pat on the back. If your learners have taken time out of their schedules to participate in your training course, then giving them positive recognition will reinforce it was time well-spent. This might even drive them to sign up for your next course. While most of our training customers use our Variable Data Printing option to quickly print certificates for participants (whether they are training in-house or as a third party), a few take it to the next level with kits that include a:

  • Personalized completion certificate
  • Certificate holder
  • Glass award
  • Notebook with branded pen
framed training completion certificate

3. New Member Welcome

smiling man opening package with SWAG

When someone takes the leap to join your association, a physical welcome kit makes a much bigger impression than an email with the password to your online forum. Again, we see associations taking advantage of Variable Data Printing to send personalized welcome letters, name tags, and more. The welcomes that stand out always include a kit. For example:

  • Association-branded pocket folder pre-stuffed with membership welcome letter and details
  • Small, laminated card with the association’s website and log-in instructions
  • Personalized invitation to the association’s annual event
  • Branded baseball cap
  • Branded lanyard

4. Franchisee Kickoff

Getting a new franchisee on board is a big deal, so a lot of the franchises we work with use kits to kick off a positive relationship. This is also an opportunity to impart important training materials and brand guidelines. For example, some of the franchise kits we have seen include:

  • Personalized welcome letters
  • Training binders for key departments
  • Log-in information for essential shared software and applications
  • Business cards with business card holders
  • Luxury branded merchandise, like leather tablet holders and high-end phone chargers
franchisee grand opening

When your printed materials need to do more than just inform, it may be the right time for a creative, drop-shipped kit. Mimeo makes it simple by printing on-demand in the same location as our warehouses, so we can produce and ship your kit very quickly (as in, within 24 hours if necessary, and all materials are on-hand). Schedule a call to start brainstorming with us today!

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