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Why Learner Personas Improve eLearning Outcomes

Learner personas are key to improving the outcomes of training sessions. We explain what they can do to engage your learners.

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How 3 Sales Teams Grew Productivity, Eliminated Warehousing, and Cut Costs in Half

These companies saw major savings, grew productivity by 70%, and got rid of their warehouses just by partnering with Mimeo for all their printing needs.

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How to Market an Event on a Budget

Utilize these cheap, free, or cost-saving measures to increase your attendance without increasing your event marketing budget. 

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3 Key Takeaways from the Future of Sales Compensation with Seth Marrs

Catch up on 3 key learnings from our podcast interview with Seth Marrs, Principal Analyst at Forrester, on the future of sales compensation.

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These 4 Companies Scaled Their Training Businesses by Making This One Switch

No matter the learner persona, making a single switch to Mimeo can make all the difference for your L&D, HR, or sales training programs.

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3 Ways Learner Personas Improve Learning Outcomes

3 key ways that developing and using learner personas help to improve instructional design and delivery.

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Outsourcing Checklist for Evaluating Third-Party Vendors

Are you overwhelmed trying to decide which third-party vendor to outsource to? Use this checklist to help you narrow down your potential partners.

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7 Tools to Make Planning Your Next Event Easier

Need to streamline your event planning process? These 7 helpful tools make planning your next event a breeze.

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3 Ways Outsourcing Makes Your Job Easier

Outsourcing certain business services isn’t just beneficial for your company — it’s helpful for you, too. Here are 3 reasons why.

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4 Event Marketing Strategies to Try for Your Next Exhibition

Try these 4 different strategies to stand out among the crowds at your next event, conference, or trade show. 

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Tips for RFP Response Teams When Evaluating Budgetary Needs

Proposal teams need to appeal to a businesses’ budgetary considerations if they want to win a deal. Here are 4 tips to help win over those penny pinchers.

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How to Create Professional RFP Documents Online (and Save Money Doing It)

How to and why you should create professional RFP documents online — plus, tips to save money doing it.

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