These 4 Companies Scaled Their Training Businesses by Making This One Switch

No matter the learner persona, making a single switch to Mimeo can make all the difference for your L&D, HR, or sales training programs.

Published on 13 October, 2022 | Last modified on 26 April, 2023
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Whether you’re creating personalized learning experiences for hybrid learners, optimizing a hybrid learning platform in a corporate learning environment, or you just want to make use of the benefits of using learner personas (aka marketing personas), Mimeo can help your training business. 

These four training businesses utilized Mimeo’s print and digital content distribution platforms to create a user-centered design, personalize learning materials sent across the world, and make sure digital learners received just as much attention and engagement in virtual learning vs in person learning. 

Despite the differences in industries, learning personas, and location, switching to Mimeo saved these training businesses hours of time and thousands of dollars. Read on to see how they did it.

Richardson Sales Performance 

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Richardson is a sales performance training business, whose core audience is sellers across the globe. To scale their company, they needed a better understanding of this learner persona and how to support them in a way that complements their learning style. 

Printing training materials in multiple languages and shipping them around the world isn’t an easy feat, but when they switched to Mimeo Digital, Richardson was able to replicate their successful in person learning experience, remotely. Not only does it save their own team time when it comes to designing, printing, and shipping, but it has also helped the training business stay within more clients’ budgets — meaning more business for them. 


The Air Force Association (AFA) is an independent civilian organization that helps the public understand the power of aerospace and how it impacts our national security. It conducts in person CyberCamps every summer for middle and high schoolers. 

AFA’s CyberPatriot program, which runs the camps, used to spend 120 hours per year ordering, managing, and shipping all necessary training content and supplies across the country to their STEM camps. But once they switched to Mimeo as their training print partner, their learned and development teams, aka L&D, were able to save that time (which is equivalent to three full work weeks!), reduce their prices, and increase their revenue. 


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Software systems company Cognex needs to train their worldwide partners to use their machine vision and barcode reading technology. 

They did this by launching a localized, multiple-step training certification program on three continents — but needed a digital content delivery platform to distribute standardized training materials to maintain the integrity of the program and ensure all of their learners had access to the same, high-quality training materials. 

The solution? Cognex now has its own branded Mimeo storefront, where instructors at partner organizations can order training materials on demand. No matter if they’re in Canada, Korea, or Columbia, Mimeo has become their scalable solution for printing and delivering student workbooks, lab workbooks, and reference materials all over the world. And there are no order minimums, so trainers can order only the training materials they need. 

The Modeling Agency

The Modeling Agency needed to provide their learners with an intuitive way to access their training content. 

Before finding Mimeo, their training programs felt “patchwork” — temporary solutions to fix gaps in the experience until they were able to streamline it. 

After Mimeo, they were able to create one, unified learning experience with consistent branding across all of their materials and were impressed by what our digital content distribution platform was able to accomplish, including increasing learner engagement: 

“Mimeo Digital’s capabilities and feature set met TMA’s needs where other solutions fell short. We licensed other DRM systems, all of which had considerable limitations” said company president Eric A. King. 

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Mimeo Marketing Team

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