What Does ChatGPT Mean For the Printing Industry?

When designing a training program, artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT can help you and your learners have a better overall experience. 

Published on 14 March, 2023 | Last modified on 2 August, 2023
artificial intelligence and chatgpt in the printing industry

If you haven’t heard about ChatGPT yet, it’s an artificially intelligent chatbot that generates natural-sounding language text. Over the past several weeks, since it was released to the general public, it has started to — and has the potential to greatly — revolutionize many industries.

And that absolutely includes the printing industry. In this post, we’ll explore ChatGPT’s impact on the printing industry and what it could mean for any company that needs to create and print documents. 

Positive Impacts for the Printing Industry


One of the biggest, and perhaps the most obvious, is the potential to speed up the content writing process. When using ChatGPT, businesses can quickly generate ideas and create high-quality content, which can then be printed and used for marketing materials, website copy, presentations, and more. For example, ChatGPT can be used to generate copy for brochures, flyers, posters, and other printed materials. 

By using the AI technology, it could significantly reduce the time and effort required to produce printed materials, making it more efficient and faster for businesses to get their messages out to their target audiences.

Increase in Demand

Another potential impact of ChatGPT on the printing industry is an increase in demand for printed products. Because it will be so much faster (and cheaper) to create written content, businesses can print more materials with their previous budget. This could drive up demand for printed services, and possibly reduce costs for businesses printing in larger quantities.

Drawbacks for the Printing Industry

One of the biggest concerns with using ChatGPT for writing copy for printed materials is the accuracy and quality of the content it is creating. While the tech is constantly improving the more it is used, the AI does not know your business the way you do and can include incorrect information in its generated content. 

Additionally, your marketing team has likely created a brand voice to be used across all platforms, which ChatGPT may not be able to pick up on. This could result in a less effective marketing campaign.

If employees become too reliant on ChatGPT to create your marketing materials, they may quickly skim over the content and miss these mistakes before printing. Fixing these mistakes once they’ve gone to the printer will be costly, if ink has already made it to paper. 

Perspective from an Online Printer

As a leading online print company, Mimeo understands the incredible impact Artificial Intelligence, and ChatGPT in particular, can and will have on the printing industry. We even used it ourselves to create the outline for this post to see if it resonated with our readers more! 

Overall, we believe that ChatGPT will have a great impact on the industry, making printing a more affordable and viable option for companies that previously couldn’t afford it. It saves time, helps generate new, exciting ideas, and can be more cost effective for businesses of all sizes. While there are drawbacks, we believe that the benefits outweigh the risks, and if you’re interested in utilizing the technology for your business, with careful consideration and oversight, you should.

Once you’ve used AI to generate your content, use Mimeo for on demand printing of all of your printed materials. 

To wrap it up, these types of technologies have the potential to revolutionize the printing industry, making it more efficient for businesses to produce high-quality printed materials in less time. 

Take into account the risks, but also the rewards, of using artificial intelligence for your business, and see if it can help you produce better, more effective printed materials. 

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Mimeo Marketing Team

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