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Why Local Printers Get Outperformed by Online Printers

Gone are the days of going to a local printer. Switch to an online printing company and see how your business can benefit from greater options, flexibility, and control. 

Published on 14 March, 2023 | Last modified on 14 March, 2023
why online printing outperforms your local printer

Gone are the days of going to a local printer, standing in long lines, and waiting for hours to pick up your prints and go back to the office. Online printing has revolutionized the industry and now outperforms your local print shop in so many ways that not making the switch could be detrimental to your company. 

Here are some of the disadvantages of sticking with your local shop for printing documents, and how online document printing services like Mimeo can help.

Inconvenient Locations and Wastes of Time

When you depend on a local print shop, you might think that the corner store will simplify your print process — but it likely does the opposite. 

You may have to load your documents onto a USB, get into your car, drive to the print shop, and work with a teenager to perfect your proof. Then you’ll wait hours, or sometimes days, to get the final product — having to do the drive back and forth again. These are precious hours you could be using to finalize a proposal or design a postcard for your next direct mail campaign. 

With an online print partner like Mimeo, those hours or days get squeezed down to mere minutes. From your free online account, you can upload and proof your designs, select your print options like paper weights or binding materials, choose your shipping speed, pay, and send to print. Your printed documents can be at your doorstep or desk as soon as 8am the next day. 

Your local printer can’t match that. 

Lack of Quality Control

With a local printer, you never know if the print quality will be up to your standards until it’s already too late. You might get a great print the first time, and one that’s misaligned or bleeding over edges the next. 

But at Mimeo, you can trust that your print job will be the same high-quality delivery every single time. We use state-of-the-art printing equipment and have a team of experts (some of whom have worked with us for decades!) to ensure that every print is done to our — and your — highest standards. 

Limited Options for Print and Other Products

If you’re particular about how your printed documents look and feel, and want a wide variety of options of what you can print, you need to say goodbye to your local printer. 

Online printers are the only ones who can give you access to a wide range of printing options, including paper type, finish, custom sizes, unique binding, and more. Mimeo offers numerous options for each printed document, plus access to other products like branded merchandise

Specifically for training organizations, Mimeo Digital provides admins, trainers, and learners with access to a Courseware Distribution Platform, eliminating the need for print entirely (if you want!). Local print shops obviously can’t support both print and digital versions of your learning materials. 

Make the Easy Switch to an Online Printer

These are just a few of the reasons why using an online document printing service can streamline your business, and it only takes a few minutes to get started.

Moving your business from a local print shop to an online printer will make all of your printing jobs easier, faster, cheaper, and even more sustainable. Connect with one of our representatives to learn more and set up your free account. Happy printing!

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