Give Your Sales Team 30% More Time to Beat Their Goals

If you were given an extra 12 hours of work time each week — without taking away from your personal out-of-office hours.

Published on 15 August, 2022 | Last modified on 15 June, 2023
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If your sales team were given an extra 12 hours of work time each week — without taking away from their personal, out-of-office hours — how could they use that day and a half? 

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Would you use it to make more cold calls? Or how about spending some of it on industry research and personal development? You could absolutely use that time to finalize perfect proposals and answer more RFPs.

Whatever you choose to do with it, there’s no doubt that having an extra 30% more time would create a vast improvement in your productivity

And for salespeople, better productivity means more sales. Bigger sales. Perhaps even better clients. 

So, how can you give your team the gift of this goal-reaching push? You take away the mundane, time-consuming tasks that they don’t really need to be doing. And one of the biggest time-suckers is something you might not even think about is printing. 

Sales teams spend so much time in front of a printer, ensuring their print presentation is bound correctly, doesn’t have any bleeds, and is printing in the correct order. Not to mention having to get their proposal presentation in the mail and in front of clients ASAP! 

We could sit here all day and tell you all about how Mimeo is an on demand print solution that can conduct all of your sales team’s high-quality document printing for them. Or we could let our clients’ real experiences speak for themselves. 

Read on to learn about just a few of Mimeo’s presentation printing clients who saw real results when they made the switch to our online print platform.

Motorola Solutions

The North American Proposal Team at Motorola Solutions was spending up to 30% of their time standing in front of a printer, according to Senior Manager Dawn Apple.


“Just because you can, doesn’t necessarily mean you should,” she said. This is why she decided to outsource her printing and find a way to improve the RFP process for her global sales team. 

Because her team bids on government contracts, they often need to print binders and presentations that are spiral bound and have them delivered straight to the desk of their prospects. 

By using online printing shop Mimeo, they were able to complete overnight printing and meet proposal deadlines without sacrificing the time they needed to finalize the documents and bring in the pink group to thoroughly review before submitting. 

When Apple found the best online print partner for Motorola, she gave her team back 30% of their time. Last-minute presentations were no longer a stressful challenge and Motorola Solutions was able to deliver even more winning bids. 

Read the full case study here

Iron Mountain


600 sellers on Iron Mountain’s North American sales team were wasting 30-40% on non-selling activities, including waiting to have their documents printed, binding proposals, and shipping business presentations to prospects and clients. 

The Director of Sales Support Services, Elise Gilbert, knew something had to change. “Our goal was consistent quality and removing non-selling steps in the process. If I hadn’t found Mimeo, we would not have been as successful,” she said. 

By choosing to print and ship online with Mimeo, Gilbert was able to reduce non-selling activities and produce high-quality print-on-demand binders, presentations, proposals, booklets, and more for her 600+ person sales force. 

The results of her switching to Mimeo’s document printing services was an improvement in document quality & consistency, as well as reducing the time spent producing RFPs.

Additionally, the time savings for her sales team was incredible when using Mimeo’s online proposal-building tool— RFPs were now being completed in less than 10 hours, saving them an average of 24 hours per proposal

The time savings helped them to answer more RPFs and win more business. Iron Mountain has seen so much success using Mimeo as their online print partner, they even request print proposals when their client doesn’t require it, because they know it will make their presentation stand out among the competition. 

Read more about Iron Mountain and Mimeo’s success together in this case study or this one.

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