Major Restaurant Chain Uses Printed Kits to Fight COVID-19

While people scramble to adapt to new normals, here are stories of how our community is creatively working to keep everyone healthy.

Published on 1 April, 2020 | Last modified on 5 March, 2023
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Here at Mimeo, we feel the impact of coronavirus as citizens and as a business. While people everywhere scramble to adapt to new normals, we want to share stories of how our community is creatively working to keep individuals, customers, and businesses healthy, in case it helps you find a new solution, too. 

Our first success story comes from the restaurant industry, which has already been heavily impacted by the pandemic.

With new restrictions and business models every day, restaurant chains need to stay agile as they communicate with employees and customers.  

One major restaurant chain with over 941 locations needed to make sure their on-site employees understood how to protect themselves and their customers with new sanitary guidelines.

The training team knew their onsite workers wouldn’t have access to digital materials and that it is crucial to provide just-in-time reminders at work stations. So they decided to develop new printed training materials to provide each location. 

Each COVID-19 safety kit included:

  • Hand-washing guides
  • Safety information posters
  • Information handouts
  • Door clings with helpful reminders

Because the spread of coronavirus is rapidly changing every day, the restaurant chain needed to design, print, and ship these as fast as possible.

The training team reached out to Mimeo for help. Their dedicated account team helped design last-minute materials and organize the address list. In addition, we recommended switching from lamination to polysubstrate paper, since it is faster to produce and is still waterproof, which means team members can wipe it down for sanitation. 

After document specs were finalized, the order went to production. Producing and shipping kits to 941 orders in less than 24 hours is no mean feat. On a normal day, we would have prioritized this order. Knowing how crucial this order was to the restaurant and its customers across the nation, we pulled out all the stops. In fact, a few members of the Mimeo production team turned around in their commute home to make sure the order shipped out on time. 

We are proud to have customers who work every day to find creative solutions to problems none of us have encountered before. Mimeo stands ready as your partner.

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