Mimeo’s COVID-19 Readiness Plan

Explore Mimeo’s COVID-19 Readiness Plan, including our promise to customers, policies, Mimeo as an essential business, and more.

Explore Mimeo’s COVID-19 Readiness Plan, including our promise to customers, policies, Mimeo as an essential business, and more.

Updated: 3/24/2020

In these challenging times, rest assured that Mimeo is taking proactive measures to support your business. We continue to provide the easiest, fastest, and most reliable way to distribute your content.

Whether you need printing to communicate about health standards with your community, provide materials to now-remote learners or event participants, or to continue operating business as usual, we are here to help.

Our Promise To You

Our goal is to guarantee your content gets delivered where you need it, while following three main principles:

  1. Keep our promise to you, our customers, and keep our employees safe
  2. Continue to serve Mimeo customers with the highest standards
  3. Do our part to slow the community spread of the virus

Our COVID-19 Policies

Following guidance from the CDC and World Health Organization, we are implementing or reiterating policies to limit the spread of the virus and ensure business continuity, including:

  • Enhanced hygiene protocols and deep cleanings
  • Analysis of on-site staff and stock requirements to deliver on our guarantee
  • Advice on employee personal travel decisions

We’re Keeping Operations Open

Mimeo owns print facilities in three countries and has a large international network of partner print service providers.  All Mimeo-owned facilities around the globe remain open, and we are in close communication with our international print partners to shift demand as needed. Meanwhile, we are encouraging front-office employees to work remotely to reduce risk for production employees and customers.

There may be a delay in branded promotional merchandise sourced from China. In case this happens, your customer success team will proactively communicate any updates.

We continue to monitor government directives and worst-case scenarios predictive models to adjust our supply chain and courier services accordingly.

Is Mimeo an Essential Business?

Mimeo has been designated an essential business by the City of Memphis, which exempts us from the “Stay at Home” safeguards in place to protect the community. That means we can keep our production facilities operating.

Why? Because not only are we helping the average business support remote working with online printing, we need to keep printing to support critical projects such as: 

  • Clinical trial operations to find a vaccine, treatment, or cure to COVID-19
  • Medical device manufacturing to provide necessary device documentation
  • Schools providing homework packets and teaching guides to families

Our critical supply chain partners including FedEx have also been designated as essential.

Is it safe to receive a package?

By the way, the WHO has confirmed there is no need to worry about receiving packages:

Is it safe to receive a package from any area where COVID-19 has been reported?

Yes. The likelihood of an infected person contaminating commercial goods is low and the risk of catching the virus that causes COVID-19 from a package that has been moved, travelled, and exposed to different conditions and temperature is also low. 

We’re Making It Easier for You to Keep Operations Open

At the end of the day, we are only successful if your business is successful. That’s why we have a number of initiatives to ease the burden of your new print and logistics needs:

1. 50% Off Your First Order

If you aren’t used to printing and suddenly find the need for it, the cost of printing and shipping may seem prohibitive. That’s why we are offering to produce and ship your print needs at a 50% discount. Once your immediate need is taken care of, we’ll set you up with long-term pricing that makes sense for your business.

To use, sign up for your account and enter HEALTH50 at checkout. 

2. New, Lower Residential Shipping Prices

Many of us are suddenly shipping to multiple residences instead of a single business or event location. Mimeo is proud to announce a new partnership with FedEx that allows us to deliver to residences. You can select this option during your regular checkout process.

3. On-Demand Video Conferencing and Digital Delivery Solutions

Switching your in-person training or event into a virtual experience is not easy. We are actively partnering with a number of technology solutions to make it simple for you to stand-up a video conferencing solution. 

Let Us Know How We Can Help

Everyone from our CEO through our press operators is here to help make this situation easier for you to bear. If you have questions or need a solution more complex than outlined above, reach out. 

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