The Show Goes On for Training Teams

Trainers Virtual OptionsHere at Mimeo, we love the training community. Trainers are fun, creative people who arrange their lives around helping others learn and grow. 

That’s why we were particularly worried as coronavirus started to impact in-person training. Learning and development teams are already understaffed and under-resourced, so we stayed in constant communication with our customers about how they are adapting and how we could help.

What we’ve seen is for most training teams, the Show Must Go On. Many teams are standing up webinars for the first time, or quickly putting together e-learning modules, or even trying out learning via message app

Even as classes go virtual, however, most trainers are still trying to figure out how to get materials in front of their learners. Here’s how some of our customers are solving that problem.

Virtual Training with Print Materials

One healthcare education center originally planned to gather 100+ people for a one-day training. They figured out how to create the virtual conference, but they still needed to distribute the training workbooks to all the attendees. Since most of their learners were an older generation, they wanted to keep the materials print if it all possible.

We were able to help by printing their spiral notebook as originally planned. Then, instead of shipping to the conference center, we shipped each book directly to the residences of the entire attendee list. 

Virtual Training with Digital Materials

For other teams, it makes sense to go completely digital. One major software company trains thousands of customers every day via their own team and channel partners. Previously, they provided print content for face-to-face training in North America and digital content to global regions. Now that all training is virtual, they’re providing all material digitally.

They’re able to make that switch because Mimeo Digital delivers the PDFs you already have in a mobile-friendly app. From the training admin’s side, they just need to upload their files to the Digital library and designate how many learners will receive it. The learners then receive a special code to redeem the content in their end-user Mimeo Digital library, which they can use one a browser or the mobile device of their choice.

(Learn more about how Mimeo Digital works here.)

Ongoing Experiment

As we have daily conversations with our training customers, we know this is all an ongoing experiment. In some cases, our customers are A/B testing print materials versus digital materials to different populations of learners.

We’ll keep updating you as our customers get creative, and we’d love to hear from you what your team is doing to find new solutions for new environments. 

Bonus Resource: Taking Your Training from In-Person to Online

Here’s our on-demand webinar on how to convert your training from in-person to online. We hope it helps you get creative!

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