Automating Training and Other Boosts For Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition tools help HR automate tasks that typically take up a lot of time. Learn about these 3 automation tools that save HR teams time.

Published on 29 March, 2017 | Last modified on 19 February, 2023
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The average Corporate Recruiter or HR manager spends a lot of time doing administrative work. One case study found that 60 percent of their team’s time was spent doing manual work, and just 20 percent was dedicated to strategy. Days spent sending emails to check references or emailing training documents back and forth detract from your team’s ability to plan ahead and improve your performance.

The solution to HR’s woes isn’t cutting corners on reference checks. In many cases, the right move is adopting talent acquisition tools for automation.

How much could your HR department save if you automated the most time-consuming tasks in your talent acquisition process? It could be hundreds of hours a week, which translates to thousands a year in time savings. Read on to learn how it’s possible.

1. Smarter Candidate Matching

Up to 75 percent of candidates for the average job are completely unqualified. As few as 2 percent fit the criteria well enough to score an interview. Using tools to quickly assess candidate resumes based on keywords and other criteria can save HR hours over manual resume review.

For example, HR teams are using big data for talent acquisition. As a result, they’re locating, filtering, and analyzing the right talent at an unprecedented rate. This talent acquisition tool benefits both the organization and candidates, as the right talent is quickly placed in the right role.

2. Candidate Relationship Management

You’ve heard of customer relationship management software, but there’s a new CRM in town. Technologies for automated candidate communications may include custom workflows that “trigger” emails to candidates at the right time.

Candidate relationship management systems make it easy to keep HR professionals and recruiters in contact with candidates on a consistent basis. Your relationship management tool could simplify interview scheduling, automate candidates’ invitations to take personality-to-skills assessments, and act as a comprehensive database of talent.

Additionally, organizations using CRMs avoid providing a negative experience to job candidates because communication is ongoing. Whether these candidates are onboarded or not, CRMs help HR maintain a positive reputation.

Talent Acquisition Technology Helps HR Work Smarter

3. Reference Checks

Too many recruiters rely on “gut instinct or a two-minute phone” call to assess whether a candidate is telling the truth, writes the NPA blog. While references are a crucial tool for evaluating a candidate’s ethics, they’re also time-consuming.

Today’s talent management solutions can automate reference checking by sending communications to a candidate’s references with the click of a button. Typical automated reference checking tools usually invite references to fill out a questionnaire by a certain time.

A report is then generated that organizes each review by reference. While automated reference checks are efficient, they’re also highly accurate and leave little room for error. Like, forgotten follow-ups.

Talent Acquisition Technology Helps HR Work Smarter

Recruitment is a key business priority for today’s HR teams. Research reveals that we’re currently facing the worst talent shortage in 10 years, with many organizations struggling to fill open positions. If your HR team is too busy working manually on administrative tasks, you may not be able to dedicate enough time to your talent acquisition strategy and employer branding efforts.

The key to success could be adopting automation in your HR operations. In addition to talent management, your organization could benefit significantly from a more efficient approach to creating learning and development tools or the automated distribution of training materials. By letting smarter software and business partnerships do the heavy lifting, you can make meaningful steps towards working efficiently.

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