Digital Marketing Strategies for Human Resources

New strategic digital marketing opportunities for human resources help in training, recruitment and talent engagement. Learn how in this article.

Published on 15 October, 2018 | Last modified on 12 April, 2023
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The coming year will see a flood of new strategic digital marketing opportunities for human resources personnel. From training and recruitment to talent engagement, HR companies must be ready to embrace these new trends with open arms. Failure to adopt and implement such strategies may prevent your organization from staying ahead of the curve in finding the best talent available.

So without further ado, here’s a list of 6 digital marketing strategies that HR departments could benefit from.

1. Keeping Websites Updated

HR websites act as information hubs for new and existing talent. From industry developments to job resources, sites must reflect the current employment trends and showcase company news as well.

It is essential for human resource agencies to keep all their websites and blogs up to date and correlated with the current times. This includes growth reports, job listings, informative articles and posts that span several industries and niches.

As always, SEO strategies should be implemented to ensure jobseekers have easy access to all the newest and latest openings. This can be done via strategic and relevant keyword placement, along with meta tagging.

Some great keyword tools for HR professionals to use include:

Any of those tools allows you to input a keyword, likely a job title in this case, and see how it stacks up against similar keyword searches. This is a fast and easy way to see what other keywords or variations to search terms that could be used.

Meta tags, on the other hand, are keywords and phrases that don’t appear to the user (for the most part) but are crucial to have for search.

When you include descriptive meta tags, search engines know to show your content, such as a job posting, for someone who’s searching for your keywords! Read this article for more information on meta tags.

2. Write Emails That Actually Resonate

Engaging prospective candidates via email campaigns that provide them with valuable information is also a great way to generate a lasting buzz.

In addition, your email can be strengthened by linking to articles on your company blog to provide fresh and captivating content that is industry-specific and designed to facilitate the needs and concerns of your readers.

As with any email campaign, make sure your clients and users are actually receiving your correspondence instead of it getting caught up in spam filters.

3. Your Social Channels are Recruiting Tools

Here’s a profound stat:

79 percent of job seekers utilize social media for daily job searches.

From Facebook to Twitter, HR firms must continue to use social media to attract and engage new talent as well. This enables them to reach and find talent on a broader scale while effectively marketing their products and services to mass audiences.

As part of any online HR marketing effort, social media integration can propel any hiring agency to new heights across the board.

Prospective job seekers can also learn more about HR companies and their overall missions. The addition of Instagram and Pinterest helps put a face on your brand while securing a more tangible sense of company culture and traits.

Remember, if 79% of your job seekers are on social media, you should be too!

4. Show What Your Company’s Culture Looks Like

Talking about company culture has arguably become a check the box in recruitment, but many organizations oddly don’t show it. One of the strongest benefits of digital marketing is the ability to blend multiple mediums together to convey your message.

Embed a company video within a job listing to make your company description more engaging to prospective candidates. If your company’s culture is strengthened by the office in which you work, include photos of the workspace.

In fact, there are even services where you can personalize videos to help attract top talent!

After all, the type of workspace a company provides its employees carries weight in the evaluation process of potential employers.

5. Align HR with Marketing

For many, HR is the first point of contact a prospect has with an organization. The voice and tone of your brand is critical not only in how your organization is perceived by customers, but also by its employees.

Ensure alignment with your company’s marketing department on elements of job listings such as the company description, mission statement, and corporate overviews.

This can eliminate sending mixed messages prospects evaluating your company against competitors.

Marketing Strategies for Human Resources

6. Double Down on LinkedIn

Perhaps the best social media platform for HR departments is LinkedIn.

This network brings professionals, businesses and jobseekers together in one place. In fact, it is considered the core and central hub for anyone looking to hire or be hired.

From easy-to-read resumes and work histories to accolades, LinkedIn is truly a goldmine for all HR teams and perfectly designed for headhunting and talent recruitment.

The platform also helps HR companies sort the wheat from the chaff and find desirable candidates for all their clients and network partners.

Updated: This post was originally published in December of 2016 and has been updated to provide more insights and thought leadership for you to use!

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