How 3 Sales Teams Grew Productivity, Eliminated Warehousing, and Cut Costs in Half

These companies saw major savings, grew productivity by 70%, and got rid of their warehouses just by partnering with Mimeo for all their printing needs.

Published on 21 October, 2022 | Last modified on 15 June, 2023
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If you’ve ever wondered how outsourced printing cuts your business costs, here are three examples from real sales teams. These companies were struggling to scale their businesses or reduce their budgets due to outdated and unreliable printing services, but once they switched to Mimeo they saw immediate positive effects. 

From saving thousands of dollars to canceling their warehouse space, read on to learn how they improved their processes – and how you can, too. 

One Solution to Save Thousands of Hours (and Dollars)

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A global biotech company was struggling to create and distribute literature to their sales representatives, distributors, and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) — causing a delay in scaling their business.

Prior to switching to Mimeo as their sole on demand print solution, their sales teams were outsourcing printing services to 10 different companies. They thought they were using cheap, easy-to-use printers for their sales reps, but their small marketing operations team was overwhelmed balancing vendors, working around a long time-to-market, international logistics, manual order entry and processing, reporting and billing, and high costs.

Enter Mimeo. Their outsource printing services handled everything the 10 other printers couldn’t, and then some. That included a 100% online order integration, which was also an easier ordering experience for employees and distributors, as well as global brand consistency and quality across every print marketing collateral.

Immediately they saw a hard cost savings of 20% and a time-to-market of eight days, which was 30 days less than their prior outsource print services. Yes, they now save an entire month getting their outsource print products to market.

70% Increase in Productivity and 100% Decrease in Warehousing

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Sage Software had come to expect a month-long turnaround time to get their course materials to a training site. 

To make sure they never ran out of materials, Sage’s CRM division would place orders much larger than what they needed from outsourced print companies and keep them in a warehouse — which cost extra money and would quickly become out of date and need to be discarded. This was not sustainable. 

When Sage discovered Mimeo for all their print outsourcing needs, they were able to do so much more and completely eliminate their need for a warehouse. The CRM team uses Mimeo’s online tools to assemble, print, manage, and distribute training curriculum to their training partners and on-site customer events. 

Their turnaround time has been slashed — sometimes they need to order items at the last minute, and Mimeo’s outsourced printing and mailing service is able to finish the project and get it delivered as soon as the next morning. And, of course, they only ordered exactly how much they needed. 

Since the switch, the improved process has increased their team’s productivity by 60-70%, ensured their materials are always up-to-date, and brought the costs associated with storing training materials down to $0. 

Fixing a Broken Process and Saving 50%

Multinational engineering and electronics conglomerate Siemens had a broken RFP process. And for a company with upwards of 360,000 employees in 190 countries, the costs could be astronomical.

Siemens’ medical health division has multiple sales teams, including an RFP team responsible for producing materials that lead to the generation of 12% of the entire company’s sales — materials they were printing, binding, and shipping by hand. 

One RFP manager recalls spending an entire work day building only 10 binders, filled with 70 different documents. The manual assembly was labor intensive and the quality was inconsistent based on where the print proposals were being put together and by whom. 

When Siemens sales teams partnered with Mimeo to outsource printing and mailing their RFPs, the change was immediate. Their RFPs were consistently high-quality and they actually saved 40-50% of total costs. 

And that RFP manager? His full work day of printing and shipping proposals was slimmed down to a single hour. That’s 90% less time spent hunched over the printer and more time to work with sales teams to generate additional revenue. 

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