Pharma Training: Blend Your Content, Not Your Medications

Pharmacy Blended Content

When a patient receives their medication, they have the opportunity to speak with the pharmacist and have any questions about their dosage answered. Blended content is a great way for pharmacists to reach a variety of their patients and ensure individuals understand their medications even after they’ve left the building.


Older patients often have difficulties understanding the online sphere, which means researching their dosage and accessing information about their medication online can be a nearly insurmountable task. Giving older patients the opportunity to have their questions answered through print is a great way to reach them, and ensure that they know exactly how much of their medication they should be taking. Content such as booklets or one-page fact sheets are an easily understandable platform to explain everything they should know.

Additionally, many patients that are Hard of Hearing (HoH) or have a language barrier can have their own challenges in communicating with their pharmacist. Pamphlets in a variety of languages for the most common prescriptions are a great no-stress method of assisting these individuals. This print content within arms reach also saves time on behalf of both the patient and the pharmacist. It can be tiring repeating the same information day in and day out and fielding the exact same questions. Alleviate the burden and free up time for more pressing matters, such as double-checking with doctors about high dosages and rarer prescriptions.



Blended content is also great for on-the-go accessibility. A patient doesn’t have to worry about losing phone signal on the subway when they access their information through print. Print is also a great starting point for a sampling of information, where you can then direct them towards more comprehensive digital content on your blog or website.

Above all, blended content available at your pharmacy gives you and your patient control over the best way for them to receive their information about their medication. A mistake in dosage or medication could have potentially deadly consequences, so give them the option to receive their information in a mode that is most comfortable to them and eliminates the possibility for miscommunication.



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