How To Make A Flyer Design Online Flyers with Mimeo

Flyers are a proven way to distribute a message or solicit attention from your learners. From circulating recent news, advertising for your upcoming instructor-led training class, or offering a coveted prize for gamification learners, flyers are excellent for promoting an idea or publicizing a call to action. However, flyers are only as effective as the strength in which you design, print and distribute them. Here we’ll show you how to create and print flyers for your learning and development initiatives.

Mimeo customers use our solution platform to distribute their content. Frequently, learning and development professionals that are tasked with grabbing the attention of learners use Mimeo to print and distribute their one page or double-sided flyers.

Before creating your flyer, be sure you have accurate content, a readable typeface, high quality graphics and a clear call-to-action.

Upload Your Flyer

Step 1:  Upload Your Flyer

Log in to your Mimeo Print account and select Browse for Files or drag your file into the file uploader box (shaded in gray). Once the upload is complete, the status bar will change from blue (indicating processing) to green. You may choose to browse for additional files or view files already existing in your Mimeo Document Library. When satisfied with your file selection, click Create a Document Now.

Accepted File Formats

Accepted File Formats

Accepted File Formats

Step 2:  Flyer Creation

Now choose which type of flyer you would like to create. Mimeo offers portrait and landscape flyers in addition to eco-friendly flyers. Once you select the flyer type, you will automatically enter the Document Builder.

For those ordering for U.S. distribution, Mimeo provides the standard 8.5” x 11” flyer template. If you are ordering distribution outside of the U.S. we offer the more common A4 international standard size. Additional available custom sizes include:

Flyer printing features, folding options, custom sizes, and standard sizes

Step 3:  Building Your Flyer

Here you can customize your flyer including its size, color, paper stock, finishing options and more. You can customize the following by suitably selecting the corresponding buttons, drop down menus and checkboxes:

  • Product Type:  Change your product type and finished size (if necessary).
  • Color Options:  Choose either standard color or black and white.
  • Paper Stock:  Select from a variety of paper types.
  • Lamination Options:  Click Lamination to laminate your flyer. By default, lamination will not be selected.
  • Hole Punch Type:  By default, No Hole Punch is selected. Click the drop down menu to enable 3 Hole Punch.
  • Additional Options:  Check the printing options and display guides applicable to your flyer.


    If in the case that you do choose a selection that doesn’t support your file or the orientation of your content, you will be prompted to reverse your non-supporting change.

    Step 4:  Print to Edge (Optional)

    When you enable print to edge (full bleed), your flyer’s will be printed entirely to the edge and then trimmed after printing to create a marginless look. If you decide to print to edge, Mimeo’s display guides will show you where the paper will be trimmed after printing.

    How to Scale to Bleed


    Indicate whether or not your document has crop marks before scaling your content.

    Add to Shopping Cart

    Step 5:  Add to Shopping Cart

    When you’re finished customizing your flyer, you can either save it to your Document Library or continue to purchase. To proceed to payment and shipping details, click Add to Shopping Cart. Review the details of your order and continue to checkout. Our real time pricing is designed to be clearcut and open. Any changes you make or revert throughout your flyer customization are reflected in real time. So at the point of check out, the price you see is the price you get – completely inclusive of production and distribution details.
    Mimeo’s flyer printing services handles all of the logistics so you can quickly distribute your messaging or awareness directly to your audience. If you’re a learning and development professional this means you can begin engaging with your learners almost immediately. We hope that these steps were helpful to you! Now go get creative as you like anywhere at anytime, on the fly with our free printing application.

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