How Printed Medical Brochures Help Health Patients

Learn how health brochures can simplify complex concepts for patients, using clear language and colorful illustrations.

Published on 16 June, 2015 | Last modified on 9 May, 2023
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Doctors are increasingly busy. As baby boomers age and the next generation of Americans require medical care, many physicians are forced to spend less time with each patient.

In order to provide people with the information they need regarding their treatment, many medical professionals are turning to medical brochures. These documents often simplify complex concepts using clear language and colorful illustrations.

Medical Brochures for New Parents

Raising a baby can be stressful for numerous reasons. However, when a child is sick, parents can become overwhelmed by medical jargon and treatment options. In an effort to ease this stress, some medical practices are providing parents with medical brochures that outline practices for the best care for their newborns.

“Medical practices are providing parents with brochures that outline practices for best care.”

CTV News recently reported on a pediatric emergency room that gives parents medical brochures on when to take their child either to the walk-in clinic or to the hospital. This course of action is the result of a growing problem among emergency rooms; overcrowding. Many parents aren’t sure when medical attention is required. However, overcrowding can delay care for young ones who truly do need emergency services.

“Where five or six years ago we would have seen about a third of our patients would have been lower acuity, we’re now seeing 45 percent,” Dr. Ken Farion, an emergency medical physician, told the news outlet.

The brochure outlines examples of when a fever could be a sign of serious illness and when head injuries need to be treated immediately. the simple use of a medical brochure can help parents treat their children properly and reduce the overcrowding at doctors’ offices, urgent care centers, emergency rooms, and other healthcare clinics.

Pediatric Dentistry Brochures

Sometimes brochures are helpful in explaining treatment options to nervous parents. Cara McDonough, the parent of a 5-year-old, recently spoke to Delaware Online about her experiences bringing her child to the dentist. The toddler had multiple, severe cavities. Instead of addressing the child’s oral care in several visits to the dentist, the doctor suggested completing all procedures at once. McDonough, who was unclear as to why a healthy toddler’s teeth could need so much work, was given a pamphlet explaining treatment options. By having the information presented to her in a clear and concise way in a simple medical brochure, she was better able to make a decision for her child’s treatment.

This is often the case for parents. Their child needs complex or seemingly intense medical treatment, but a lack of knowledge about medicine makes their decisions about care seem impossible. By providing parents with brochures detailing multiple treatment options, doctors can save time and allow the family to make an informed decision.

Employer-Provided Healthcare Brochures

Health insurance policies can seem impossible to decipher. Often, human resources departments can’t answer every question, company websites are no less confusing, and hotlines require hours of hold time.

Employers who wish to educate their staff on the full value of their health benefits may want to consider providing them with brochures. BP recently released a brochure detailing its participation in HealthPlus, a healthcare plan requiring employees to use Fitbit Activity trackers in order to be eligible for savings, reported The Advertiser. Those who use the devices can earn points based on their activity level, which lowers their out-of-pocket expenses.

Deliver Helpful Medical Brochures to Patients

For medical professionals, one of their most important tasks is helping their patients understand their treatment options. Mimeo can help you create, print, and ship visually stunning, high-quality, and easy-to-read medical brochures that will make your patients feel educated, informed, and at ease in your care. Connect with one of our printing experts to learn more!

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