Mimeo Wins Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology

Mimeo won the Brandon Hall Group Bronze Award for Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology.

Published on 9 January, 2017 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
Mimeo Wins Unique Blended Learning Technology 1

This December, we were thrilled to win Brandon Hall Group’s Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology Bronze Award. Not only are we honored to be recognized by one of the HR and development industry’s most respected independent research bodies, but it also confirms something we’ve been since the beginning: unique.

No, this isn’t about how we’re one snowman made up of 850 individual snowflakes.

You probably know us as a printing company. But the truth is that we started as a technology company that uses our proprietary software to handle on-demand print orders. As the world evolved, so have we, and now we are a content distribution engine.

The engine is powered by three pistons:

  • Mimeo Print – Our tried-and-true on-demand printing
  • Mimeo Marketplace – Our customizable storefront hub from which non-admins can order content
  • Mimeo Digital – Our digital content distribution application, easy for both admins and users

Since all this technology is developed and owned by us, we stand out as the only company that truly offers such an engine. We’re not an LMS, we’re not a CMS, we’re not a DRM, but we’re also not just a printing company.

What our Brandon Hall Group Award means is that our unique technology empowers us to help learning professionals in ways not typical. Many L&D departments are shanghaied into buying bulky systems to solve only one or two problems, such as the ability to house and distribute digital training content in a secure location. The Mimeo platform makes it possible to solve document distribution without requiring a headache-inducing new enterprise system.

To borrow the words of a customer interviewed for the awards, Eric King, CEO of The Modeling Agency: “I don’t know how you wrap such a breadth of functionality complexity into such a simple user interface. I’m in awe. It’s truly incredible.”

Thanks, Brandon Hall Group, for recognizing our Unique Learning Technology!

Watch this quick video for an overview of our award-winning platform:

You can read more about the award and the rigorous process Brandon Hall Group uses to decide winners here.

Thinking about offering digital content?Mimeo Digital Toolkit

Download this Toolkit on the Top 10 Things to Consider When Delivering Digital Training Content.

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