7 Tools to Make Planning Your Next Event Easier

Need to streamline your event planning process? These 7 helpful tools make planning your next event a breeze.

Published on 5 October, 2022 | Last modified on 13 March, 2023
Event planning tools to make your next event easier

If you’re planning your next event to help establish yourself as a thought leader in your sphere of business, you’re likely going to be juggling a variety of tasks and deadlines. To help you work smarter as you plan an upcoming event, we’ve gathered seven tools to help you make sure your event goes smoothly. From handy templates to time-saving printing tools, here are seven ways you can streamline your event planning process.

Get Organized with a Helpful Tasklist

No matter how big or small your event is, there are going to be a lot of action items you’re responsible for managing. That’s why we created this handy tasklist that helps you stay on track of monthly deadlines and week-to-week to-dos. Simply fill out the form based on your event deadline and work backwards to determine how to go about organizing your efforts leading up to the event. Download the checklist and get a head start on planning your event today. 

Collaborate with Team Members Using Trello

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A project management platform can be worth its weight in gold when it comes to keeping multiple stakeholders and departments on track. Trello is a simple to use, easy to organize web-based tool to help coordinate your collaboration as you work to plan and execute your event. With features like email notifications for deadlines and to-do lists, Trello makes it easy to get everyone on the same page headed into an event.

Use Cvent to Manage Event Logistics and Reporting

Having one centralized tool to assist in the logistics when planning your next event can be critical to ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Cvent is one of many tools you may choose to use when it comes to this kind of work, since it offers ways to source and manage your venue, as well as dashboards for reports after your event is over. 

Print with Mimeo for Peace of Mind

In the world of events—where speakers can drop out at a moment’s notice and there are dozens of moving pieces—sometimes being able to wait until the last possible moment to print your collateral can give you the flexibility you need to put on a truly exceptional event. When you print your branded postcards and other marketing collateral with Mimeo, you can get updated materials printed and shipped to you overnight, without sacrificing quality. Now that should be music to any event planner’s ears.

Use Google Drive to Collaborate on Documents

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When it comes to collaborating with other members of your team on event timelines or marketing copy, sometimes the simplest tools are the most effective. Rather than going through a single source of truth can ensure that everyone’s input is heard and seen as you work to get your event ready. If you find yourself doing multiple rounds of edits via email, consider creating centralized Google Docs or Google Sheets so that you and your coworkers can all provide comments and edits on one document. Having a single source of truth can be crucial for staying organized when it comes to co-creating documents as a team.

Handle Ticketing Needs with Eventbrite

If you’re not looking for robust reporting via Cvent and just need a simpler solution for smaller or mid-sized gatherings, then Eventbrite is another tool to keep in your back pocket. Eventbrite has some customization options when it comes to reminder emails about your event that can take a task off of your email marketing team’s to-do list and still give registrants the info they need. Keep in mind that Eventbrite does charge fees if you are charging for admission for your event, so that’s something you’ll want to factor into your budget.

Add Virtual Attendance Options with Video Meeting Tools

While most people are excited to return to in-person events and meetings after the pandemic, some people may still be wary of traveling to larger gatherings. Using Zoom or GoToWebinar can help you provide a virtual way for attendees to tune in to breakout sessions or panel discussions from the comfort of their office anywhere in the world. These tools have come a long way since they first started being used in 2020, allowing for participants to raise their hands and vote on polls to foster even greater engagement, even remotely.

Use the Right Tools When Planning Your Next Event

Whether you’re planning a small team retreat or a large gathering with major players in the industry, the above tools can go a long way to help when planning your next event — with less hassle. From project planning to event printing options, the tools on this list are the sorts of platforms and resources you’ll use time and again. Happy planning!

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