Scientists Discover New Color

Scientific inventions, discoveries, and breakthroughs are usually unimaginable. The scientific community has paved solar roadways, fueled cars with cooking oil, discovered new planets, and found a mite faster than the cheetah. Each day scientists step into territory that defies what we know. Now, scientists discover new color.

And, oh my, it is remarkable. However, this vibrant shade of blue is more than what meets the eye.


Oregon State University chemist Mas Subramanian and his team accidentally discovered YInMn blue while experimenting with new materials for electronics. The color is named after its chemical makeup:   Yttrium, Indium, and Manganese.

YInMn is a vibrant shade of blue. Oregon State’s press release notes that the new pigment is formed by a unique crystal structure that only reflects blue. Additionally, its compounds are so stable that the color does not fade.

Uses for Scientific Discovery of New Color

So what’s so special about how scientists discover new color? Creating YInMn blue doesn’t require any toxic chemicals. Secondly, Subramanian’s color discovery is safe and easy to produce. The blue may also serve as a new candidate for energy efficiency to reflect sunlight for use in roofing materials.

This new color was originally uncovered in 2009, but now is being manufactured for public use.


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