How Mimeo Can Accommodate Remote Participants at Your Event

As the coronavirus outbreak spreads, companies are announcing travel freezes. Read how to accommodate remote participants at events during these freezes.

Published on 27 February, 2020 | Last modified on 17 May, 2024
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As the coronavirus outbreak spreads, companies are announcing travel freezes, and your participants may no longer be able to attend your events in person.

That means your operations team may need to make a quick pivot from an in-person event to a remote-only participant model.

The good news is: you’re not alone. Mimeo powers hundreds of events every month, and we have flexible options so you can accommodate any attendees who suddenly need to participate remotely.

What Do I Do?

You can still run your event. Here’s how to make sure your remote attendees get their materials:

  1. Drop-ship printed materials to each remote participant’s location
  2. Share digital materials via a secure online app
  3. Make sure your presenters are set up for virtual delivery success

1. Drop-ship printed materials

Your remote participants won’t miss out on any important information you were planning on providing during your class. 

If you’re ordering via Mimeo, drop-shipping your print materials is not hard to do. Since we work with multiple international carriers, we will make sure your print is delivered on time. 

How to Do This:

  1. Send a list of all participants and their mailing addresses to your Mimeo team (or
  2. Upload your final files to your Mimeo library
  3. Place your order to deliver to multiple recipients

2. Share secure digital materials

Using Mimeo Digital, you can upload the same PDFs you planned on printing and share them to your learners via a secure responsive platform.


Your participants will access your content on the device of their choice. 

Intellectual Property Control

You will have complete control over your intellectual property, including the ability to revoke it or set an expiration date.

How to Do This:

  1. Reach out to your Mimeo rep to set up a Mimeo Digital account
  2. Upload your files to your Mimeo Digital library
  3. Share your files to the secure end-user app

3. Set Your Presenters Up for Success

Finally, if you’re switching to a remote-participants model at the last-minute, you’ll want to make sure your presenters are up-to-date on best practices for virtual facilitation.

Here are three free webinars you can share with your presenters to prepare:

Need help? Reach out to a Mimeo rep to discuss the best option for your event.

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