Mimeo’s New Look & Exciting Future Developments

Mimeo has a cleaner, more concise header making it easier to navigate through our site.

Published on 28 August, 2020 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
Mimeo Print Header

by Heath Cajandig – Vice President, Product & Jim Simpson – Director, Information Architecture

Mimeo has a new look and feel to it! My team is excited to announce the roll out of this new design for all of our Mimeo customers.

What Changed Today?

A cleaner, more concise header making it easier to navigate through our site. There are no functionality changes to your Mimeo account today.

What’s Coming?

This change lays the groundwork to provide a more fluid user experience across our applications, Mimeo Print, Mimeo Marketplace, and Mimeo Digital. We will be adding the ability to easily toggle from app to app, rather than having to navigate through our site to locate separate logins.

This is also the first stage in unifying our four applications into a single, mobile friendly platform to build and distribute content in any format, anywhere in the world.

Not familiar with all the Mimeo applications? Learn more about each of them here:

Check Out the New Look

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Mimeo Marketing Team

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