Mimeo’s New HQ Signals Big Growth for Online Printer

In coordination with Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, Mimeo announced this week an expansion of our Memphis operations.

Published on 28 August, 2020 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022


Mimeo Expands Production, Warehousing & Customer Service

This is an exciting time for Mimeo and its customers. In coordination with Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, Mimeo announced this week an expansion of our Memphis operations that will bring 300 new jobs to the area as we look to enhance our business operations to serve the needs of our clients.

Our responsibility to make smart, customer-first decisions has never been more important as we expand and move the company’s U.S. headquarters to Memphis. This decision was made with a clear focus on delivering success for our current and future customers.

Expanded Production Means Faster & Better Service For You

Customers have unprecedented access to our expanding production which, in our 20-year history, has never been greater. We’re announcing this investment to ensure we will always deliver no matter how last minute your needs are.

More Time To Focus On Your Business Success

When speaking with a Mimiac in Memphis, you’ve likely heard the roar of a FedEx plane through the phone. Our location next to the runways empowers Mimeo customers every day with world-class printing and shipping logistics. Being neighbors with FedEx’s largest hub in the world enables large volumes of last-minute content to be shipped anywhere, for delivery as early as the next morning.

More Space for Your Important Stuff!

More and more of our customers are discovering benefits in combining their on-demand print with items they place in our warehouse. It’s absolutely another exciting example of Mimeo customers gaining advantages from our logistical infrastructure by warehousing their inventory to ship with print. For this reason, we just increased our Memphis warehouse space by 100%.

More Mimiacs Ready to Help You in Service & Production

Our 24/7 customer service team is among the many departments growing with this announcement. We’ve driven customer success by hiring from Memphis’ pool of talent.

Being born and raised in the Memphis area, Mimeo’s positive economic impact on the Memphis economy and our community involvement is a strategic priority with great personal significance. It has been an integral part of our growth from startup to enterprise. Memphis is a city we’ve always been proud to be a part of.  I’m excited Mimeo will join the momentum in helping move Memphis forward.

Read Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam’s Press Release here.

About the Author: 

Adam Ferguson was born in Memphis, TN. As Senior Vice President & General Counsel of Mimeo, he is responsible for the Corporate Services unit in which he provides leadership and vision for Human Resources, Learning & Development, Corporate Administration and Communications. As General Counsel since 2012, he oversees all of Mimeo’s legal activities worldwide through consultation, negotiation, and advisement on strategic partnerships, acquisitions, and compliance issues.

Adam holds a Juris Doctor from The University of Mississippi School of Law, and a Bachelor of Business Administration from The University of Mississippi School of Business.

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