How to Make the Most of Your Proposal Budget

Ways to maximize your proposal budget in order to win more business.

Published on 1 September, 2022 | Last modified on 13 March, 2023
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The cost of doing business is expensive, there’s no doubt about it. And with the state of the economy today, including rising inflation and mass layoffs, how you spend your budget is more important than ever. 

So when it comes to answering RFPs, your proposal team’s budget should be managed in a way that reduces their non-revenue-generating tasks and increases the ones that do bring in cash. 

Maximizing your sales team’s proposal budget will not only help keep costs down at your company, it could also help you win more business. Your proposal team shouldn’t have to work extra hours and take on additional tasks outside of their job description just to achieve both of those goals — but working smarter and utilizing your budget correctly can be the change you need to help your business succeed. 

Outsource to On Demand Print Solutions

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Cutting unnecessary tasks from your proposal team’s workload also means cutting or trimming down line items from your budget. 

One of the easiest ways to cut costs from your proposal building process is by outsourcing your proposal printing. Not only can you save money, you can save time that can be used to generate more revenue. 

By sending your print jobs to an online print company to create a quality proposal and handle the RFP printing process on your behalf, your proposal team will spend significantly less time standing in front of a printer and more time answering RFPs. 

For example, Motorola Solutions’ North American Proposal Team was spending upwards of 30% of their time in front of a printer or binding their print proposals at their desks. When printing on a budget, it seemed that this was the way to keep costs down. 

But when they switched to online printing platform Mimeo, they were able to answer more RFPs and bring in more business — plus cut their printing costs.

Additionally, using an on demand printing company like Mimeo can help your team create professional RFP documents online, saving them the time and money required to print, proof, and print again when building proposal presentations. 

Choose Online Print Companies That Handle Shipping

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If you’re printing RFPs (or any other business document) that needs to be shipped to a client, cut out the middleman to save money and time for your RFP response team. 

Mimeo is an online printing business that will print and ship each of your proposals to their destinations — no matter where in the world they may be. Instead of having an online proposal printer print your RFP and ship it to you, only to have you turn around and ship it out again to your client, let Mimeo ship it directly to them for you. 

By choosing Mimeo to handle your online print orders and the shipping, you’ll be cutting out an entire line item of shipping costs from your online print platform. 

Let Mimeo Maximize Your Proposal Budget

On demand print services can work in your favor and make the most of your proposal team’s budget — helping you to lower costs, improve productivity, and potentially increase revenue. When you need a simple online printing and shipping solution to save time and manage your proposal team’s budget better, choose Mimeo

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Mimeo Marketing Team

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