[Video Interview] eLearning Joe on Why eLearning ≠ Powerpoints

eLearning Joe explains why eLearning is more than a webinar of PowerPoint slides. Read his advice for anyone beginning to transition to eLearning.

Published on 28 June, 2016 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
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Joe Ganci is a pioneer in eLearning. Since 1983, he has put his computer programming skills to use, developing interactive learning experiences. At his company eLearning Joe, he helps create customized courses and consults on projects, including helping firms figure out how to measure the effectiveness of their learning programs. As a longtime member of the eLearning Guild, he writes a monthly column for Learning Solutions magazine reviewing learning technologies.

Recently, he sat down with us to answer some questions we had about how he got to where he is, what changes he has seen in eLearning since 1983, and what advice he has for more recent converts to virtual learning.

We got some great answers. Joe started out working with a program called TICCIT (Time-Shared Interactive Computer Controlled Information Television) that was first funded in the 1960s. While it may not be as fancy as mobile learning, TICCIT had custom keyboards with keys for instructional displays such as learning objectives and advice to make the learning process more intuitive.

Joe said that besides the obvious technology changes, many attitudes towards learning have stayed the same, namely that eLearning professionals are mostly concerned with figuring out how people learn via computers. In fact, this is the key to successful elearning, according to him. People learn differently on computers than they do in real life, so Joe emphasizes that what makes for good face-to-face learning does not translate to good eLearning.

Hear more of Joe’s tips for effective eLearning by watching the interview here:


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