Why Blended Content is Important for Customer Software Training

Software Training Blended Content

Blended content is key to onboarding and training your software customers.

No matter how simple your software product is, your customers need to learn how to use it. Yet, each customer will have a different comfort level with technology. That’s why you need to plan flexible training to accommodate all learners.

Blended content is the practice of providing training content in different formats. For example, you could share a printed workbook, help videos, and digital job aids. By preparing content in varied formats, you can meet each learner at their comfort level.

Blended content: the practice of providing training materials in varied formats, such as printed manuals or job aids and digital videos or worksheets.


How Blended Learning Supports Software Training


Accommodate Generational Learners

You can’t assume that your customers will all be Gen Zs who use software in their sleep. Plan on training that people of all generations can interact with. You may have one customer who is more comfortable with a physical workbook while others prefer videos. By mapping your learning objectives to blended content, you can accommodate all preferences.


Takeaway Book

Software Training TakeawayTraining is a great first step to show your customers the value of your product. Providing a physical takeaway, such as a printed manual, shows you take your customer’s training seriously. You can even take a page out of Blackbaud’s book and provide personalized workbooks to your clients.

At the same time, you don’t want the physical workbook to be your only training materials. Map out your content to provide some physical takeaways alongside a digital training experience. That way, you provide a modern learning journey while showing your customer you value them.


Intellectual Property Security

You have to strike a balance with intellectual property. On the one hand, you need train your customers with product knowledge. On the other, you need to protect your intellectual property from competitors.

That’s why you should use blended content to plan for a mix of protected content. For example, you can lock down the full product manual as a digital file, and offer printed job aids and quizzes. Your customer get all the content, and you make sure your competitor doesn’t stumble across trade secrets.


Positive Brand Experience

Your software is cutting-edge, so shouldn’t your training be, too? Blended content makes your brandSoftware Training Positive Brand Experience shine because it is as modern as your product. Your learner gets training in formats that make sense for them. And by providing both formats, your course feels more forward-thinking.

Software training for customers is a must. Blended content is key to providing your customers with a modern, personalized experience.


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