How Online Printing Helped Build A Million Dollar Company

Over the past several years, online printing has helped Laszlo Nadler grow his side business, Tools4Wisdom, into a million-dollar-plus company.

Published on 23 September, 2015 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
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Over the past several years, Laszlo Nadler has grown his one-person side business, Tools4Wisdom, into a million-dollar-plus company. Mimeo congratulates Nadler, entrepreneur (and Mimeo customer), on his continued success with Tools4Wisdom planners!

Recently, Nadler told Forbes the story of how his daughter inspired him to create the planner business.  Nadler also discussed the challenge of printing internally, leading him to find a partner to entrust the printing and distribution of his planners as his customer base rapidly grew

(Via Forbes):

‘The supplier was Mimeo, an online printing company based in New York City, not far from his home. “I was told by 10 people to go to overseas,” says Nadler. “I believe in supporting the U.S. economy and U.S. families. It’s almost like a family service. They’ve got my back. I can sleep soundly knowing the quality is unquestionable.’

Tools4Wisdom’s Success Story - Planner Covers Tools4Wisdom Planner Covers

“I love automation which to me means scaling growth without overhead. Mimeo does not just provide quality solutions, they keep my startup lean and my balance sheet green!” Nadler told Mimeo.

Tools4Wisdom’s Success Story - Sample Planner Page Tools4Wisdom Planners have unique layouts, including organizational tools and inspirational quotes.

One of Mimeo’s core values is to delight the customer. The result? Laszlo Nadler explains:

Tools4Wisdom’s Success Story - Marc

To purchase a Tools4Wisdom Planner, visit their website here. Tools4Wisdom Planners are also available on Amazon.

There’s nothing the Mimeo team likes seeing more than our customers being successful.

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