6 Resources from the State of Corporate Learning Webinar

Straight from the comments of our State of Corporate Learning webinar, we’re sharing with you the great resources and ideas of our webinar attendees.

Published on 16 June, 2016 | Last modified on 1 November, 2022
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Last week, Jennifer Hofmann of InSync Training and Brad Thurber of Mimeo shared insights from our report on the State of L&D 2016 in this webinar. They discussed some of the highlights from the report, shed new light on questions with new analysis, and predicted how training will move forward in the next few years.

With hundreds of people listening live, we got some amazing participation and wanted to share it with you here:

Resources Suggested by the Audience

Instructional Design Guru – App from Connie Malamed  – This app is a quick dictionary of terms for instructional designers so you never have to be caught not knowing what “learning objective” means.  

Cathy Moore’s Connect with Haji Kamal – This is an example of scenario-based learning suggested by an audience member.

Broken Co-Worker – Another great example of scenario-based learning.

Pump Types and Applications – This was suggested as an example of 3D animations.

MSHA Training Videos – This was suggested as a source of blended learning tools specifically for mining safety.

Harry’s Hard Choices – This is a game suggested for mining training.

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Ideas from the Audience

“I will create more short bursts of training with video web-snippets as reinforcement.”

“One approach is to make microlearning available via the monitors in the break rooms.  We post short videos that people can watch while on their lunch break.  Short, simple, but informative.  Non-intrusive, yet available.  Run it on a loop.”

“Recognizing how technology interacts with life today, our team really focuses on creating ‘self-study’ user driven training modules that are engaging, action packed and highly interactive.”

“We are working on a ‘youtube’ type channel for our external customers. They are 5 minutes or less.”

“We train implementation engineers.  We have a virtual classroom event where a speaker provides updates.  We have hands on building scenarios to practice configuration.  Then we send them to an LMS for a check for understanding.”

“We are also developing custom training for each site who requested it.  It mimics the look of their site and helps them identify hazards in the workplace with checkpoints through the game and a dashboard for instructors.”

“My ideal goal would be to embed the training at point-of-use. I think this is where social learning brings the greatest benefit (less so closer to learning inauguration/boot camp/on-boarding).”
For answers to some of the questions asked by the audience, check out Jennifer Hofmann’s responses here.

Check out the on-demand webinar here and share your comments with us below!

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