3 Questions to Determine the Business Objectives of Training

Make sure your training moves business objectives forward with these 4 questions. Plus, get more tips from in our on-demand webinar on training.

Published on 24 January, 2018 | Last modified on 20 April, 2023
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When you’re a small training team serving a larger learner population, time is sparse. There is no time to create training that ends up addressing the wrong need. That’s why it is essential to ask these 3 questions to determine the business objective before accepting a training assignment.

(These questions come from our on demand webinar with author Roy Pollock: The Six Most Important Things You Can Do to Increase Training Effectiveness)

1. What business needs will be met/solved?

This question seems obvious, but sometimes it is harder to get the answer than you would expect. Your goal in asking this is to understand what the motivation is for your business partner to ask for this training. By getting a straight answer, you’ll be able to:

  • Align training to solve the business partners’ pain points
  • Understand the scope of the performance gap

2. What will participants do differently and better?

Sometimes your business partner will ask for training when in reality all they need is to communicate information to their team.

By asking this question, you’ll be able to:

  • Verify there is a true training need
  • Identify the kinds of skills that need to be trained
  • Understand the performance gap

3. What are all the specific criteria for success?

This final question prepares you and your business partner to set out the definition of success from the get-go. List out the key performance indicators and then determine methods for tracking them after the training.

[On Demand Webinar] The Six Most Important Things You Can Do to Increase Training Effectiveness

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Get more tips on asking the right questions to create effective training from author Roy Pollock in this on demand webinar.

You’ve Determined Your Training Business Objectives: Now What?

Now it’s time to deliver the training program for your client. Here are some tips on how to create better training programs.

Build Learner Personas

If you haven’t built the training program yet, consider using learner personas to understand your audience and the best way to present information to them. By using learner personas, you’ll be able to tailor your instruction in a way that makes it easier for learners to absorb the information and use it effectively in the future.

This podcast is a great introduction to what learner personas are, what resources you will need to build effective learner personas, and how experts have used learner personas to increase program adoption across organizations.

Don’t have 30 minutes? Here’s an article that discusses the benefits of learner personas and how to use them when creating your learning program.

Print Your Training Materials

Studies show that the medium on which we learn has a great impact on how we comprehend and retain information. When your training program includes paper workbooks and manuals where learners can take notes with a pen or pencil, retention increases dramatically. While planning your business objectives, you likely outlined the performance indicators that need to be met to consider it a successful training — giving your learners all of the tools they need to succeed will be a win-win.

When choosing a printer to handle all of your training materials, look for an online, on demand printer that makes it easy for you to upload, proof, make edits, and ship.

Mimeo guarantees high-quality, consistent print manuals, workbooks, and more, to ensure your learners get the best possible experience from your training. Printing and shipping with Mimeo is so easy, we can even guarantee overnight shipping to almost anywhere in the world, as soon as 8 AM the next morning.

Request a consultation to see how Mimeo can help you meet your business objectives, fast and for less.

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